Passive Energy

The term has come to a close and it also marks the end of our Passive Energy House Project. I know you all enjoyed the project immensely and I’m extremely proud of the effort you put into this project.

Here is a slideshow of all the photos from our Passive Energy House project. I’m looking forward to seeing all of your slideshows on your own blogs.

What was your favourite part of the Passive Energy Project?

2 thoughts on “Passive Energy

  1. My favourite part of the Passive Energy Project was testing and winning the water test because we were the first group to be tested. It was really hard to watch the other groups as we didn’t know how much they were going to get. My least favourite part of the project was when we were doing the guttering.

    • I’m glad that you enjoyed the Passive Energy Project.
      Don’t forget to sign off as I’m not quite sure who this comment is from.
      Miss Hunichen

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