Plastic Free July

Do you know where your plastic bag goes after you throw it away?

Do you know what happens to your plastic drink bottle when you’re finished with it?

 plastic bag

At school for the month of July (and a little bit of August too!) are participating in Plastic Free July.  Across the next few weeks, our grade will be participating in some plastic awareness activities.

plastic turtle


The aim of Plastic Free July is to limit our use of single use plastics, like plastic bags, plastic packaging, plastic straws and plastic bottles. At school we are hoping to have a ‘nude food’ lunch day where we don’t have any single use plastic at all in our lunch boxes for a day.

Your family can take up the challenge if they like- you can try being plastic free for a week, a month or even a whole year.
This is the official Plastic Free July website:
The website has lots of great ideas for how you can reduce the amount of plastic in your day to day lives.

This website  has some really wow facts about plastic like…
A plastic cup can take 50-80 years to break down.
An estimated 13 BILLION plastic bottles are disposed of each year.
Plastic and other rubbish in the ocean kill up to 1 MILLION sea creatures every year.
Every year, Australians use 6.9 BILLION plastic bags every year.

Which plastic fact blew your mind?

What do you think we could do to try and reduce the amount of plastic we use?

Do you think it matters how much plastic we use?

I’m keen to read your answers in the comments!