Plastic Free July

Do you know where your plastic bag goes after you throw it away?

Do you know what happens to your plastic drink bottle when you’re finished with it?

 plastic bag

At school for the month of July (and a little bit of August too!) are participating in Plastic Free July.  Across the next few weeks, our grade will be participating in some plastic awareness activities.

plastic turtle


The aim of Plastic Free July is to limit our use of single use plastics, like plastic bags, plastic packaging, plastic straws and plastic bottles. At school we are hoping to have a ‘nude food’ lunch day where we don’t have any single use plastic at all in our lunch boxes for a day.

Your family can take up the challenge if they like- you can try being plastic free for a week, a month or even a whole year.
This is the official Plastic Free July website:
The website has lots of great ideas for how you can reduce the amount of plastic in your day to day lives.

This website  has some really wow facts about plastic like…
A plastic cup can take 50-80 years to break down.
An estimated 13 BILLION plastic bottles are disposed of each year.
Plastic and other rubbish in the ocean kill up to 1 MILLION sea creatures every year.
Every year, Australians use 6.9 BILLION plastic bags every year.

Which plastic fact blew your mind?

What do you think we could do to try and reduce the amount of plastic we use?

Do you think it matters how much plastic we use?

I’m keen to read your answers in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Plastic Free July

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen and anyone reading,
    I have also put a post about Plastic Bag Free July up on my blog, and asked a question. I couldn’t believe that an estimated 13 BILLION plastic bottles are disposed of each year and that plastic and other rubbish in the ocean kill up to 1 MILLION sea creatures every year. Those facts really blew my mind. We could try to use more containers and not buy products covered individually by plastic, to try and protect the environment. I think that it matters a lot that we use so much plastic, because it is making a big impact on our world.
    From Ruby L 🙂

  2. Dear Miss hunichen
    That post you put up had lots of facts on it! But my favourite one is that 6.9 billion plastic bags are used every single year! The way I think we could reduce plastic bags is by not using them at all, and we could also not make them anymore. I think it does matter how much plastic we use. But we do need some plastic to use. But an easy way to reduce plastic is by cutting out plastic shopping bags. You can take your own to the shops.
    From Jarred

  3. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I never knew that Australians use 6.9 billion plastic bags every year! That blew my mind! I think we could reduce the amount of plastic bottles we use, or really anything plastic. We should buy reusable drink bottles, buy containers, and use our own reusable bags when shopping. It defiantly matters how much plastic we use. It goes to the tip, and doesn’t decompose. It just adds to pollution.

  4. To anyone who reads it,
    Hi, I think that we should reduce the amount of plastic we use because I found out that we produce enough plastic film to glad wrap Texas!
    I think that The plastic free July website was pretty plain and could do some more work because all it had was a saying and unnecessary videos and comments, I thought that the Australian museum website was a bit plain too but at least it had some interesting facts about plastic.
    from Ethan 🙂

  5. Hi Miss Hunichen
    I think plastic free July is great so all the plastic and wrappers are used less so it’s better for the environment. The most gob smacking thing I learnt is that it took 50 YEARS to break down plastic!
    We can reduce plastic by using normal drink bottles instead of plastic ones, sandwich container instead of glad wrap and using containers for grapes and cut up fruit instead of a glad bag because you would just chuck it in the bin.
    It does matter for how much plastic we use because of all the plastic being broken down plus it takes for ages to break down and if you burn lots of plastic bad chemicals escape that could cause harm to the environment and our lungs.
    So we should reduce plastic for our own good!
    From Ashton 🙂

  6. Hi Miss Hunichen and Other Readers,
    I have researched Recycle facts and here is what I got:
    1. Americans throw away 25,000,000 plastic bottles each hour.
    2. In Australia, 376,000 tonnes of plastic packaging is used each year. But in 2010, Australians recycled 288,194 tonnes.
    3. Australian households and businesses use millions of tonnes of paper every year. Over 5.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard was used from 2006-2007, with 2.5 million tonnes of this recycled.
    Hope these facts have helped!

  7. Dear Miss. Hunichen
    My favourite fact was the one that said we throw away 6.9 billon plastic bags. It’s a really surprising amount! I think the world could reduce the amount of rubbish used by companies making wrappers that you can get the food out then have the wrapper to use again. At home I think we could reduce plastic use by making homemade food and putting it in containers that we can use over and over, not just once. Also we could use green bags instead of plastic bags at the shops. Reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink.
    I believe we use a bit too much plastic and we should try and use less so that we actually have some sea creatures left in the ocean, and we can protect the environment.
    From Logan

  8. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    During the school holidays I visited a few towns that were plastic bag free. It was Ouyen, Charlton and some others on the way to Mildura. They had signs as y0u entered the town.
    I think plastic bags are ok as long as you use them a few times and not just once. My mum has fabric shopping bags but our dog always sleeps on them in the car – so we use plastic bags.

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