Motivational Speaker

Tomorrow we are lucky enough to have Jeremy (aka Quinnus) visiting our school in order to talk to us about his monumental challenge.

Jeremy has just finished a solo unassisted cycle ride from London to Auckland, on a push bike.  Jeremy was born with an enormous hole in his heart, and was not expected to survive.  Life changing corrective surgery saved his life, and 35 years later, he did the ride to push himself beyond what he ever thought he was capable of, and to give back by raising funds for the Heart Foundation.

Today we spent some time exploring Jeremy’s amazing blog in order to try and gain some insight into his journey. We learnt that Jeremy faced challenges in each leg of his journey but also discovered that he saw some amazing things and met some amazing people.

You can reach Jeremy’s blog by clicking on the following link:

There is so much to read!! And it’s all so interesting!!! Make sure you get on and have a look through some of his photo albums!!

What did you learn about Jeremy’s adventure this morning?

Don’t forget to think about some of the challenges he faced, the positives of his trip and some FAT questions to ask.

2 thoughts on “Motivational Speaker

  1. Dear Miss. Hunichen,
    I learnt lots of things from Jeremy’s visit, one of the things that I learnt was that japan is a really safe place because he stayed out in the middle of the park and all he did was tie up his bike with a piece of rope and left it. I also learnt that no mater how unlucky you are you can still do things like ride around the world.
    From Logan.

  2. I was really interested in Jeremy’s talk but I don’t think I would like to travel like he did unless I had a friend with me. I would be happy to camp though.

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