Put a Sock in It!!!

Today in Reading we spoke about Figurative Language. Figurative Language are words or phrases that do not always take on their normal everyday literal meaning. The following websites give good definitions of Figurative Language: http://mrswarnerarlington.weebly.com/figurative-language.html and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Figurative_language

Examples of Figurative Language are:

* Similes

* Metaphors

* Alliteration

* Personification

* Onomatopoeia

* Hyperbole

* Idiom

Our focus today was on Idioms as today’s chapter in Wonder (our class novel) began with the following idiom: ‘Like a lamb to the slaughter’

We used the following PowerPoint presentation to help us understand what an idiom was: Idioms. Try and explain to your parents what an idiom is. You could also look at the following sites for a definition:


* http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/idiom

The following websites give great examples of common idioms:


* http://tx.english-ch.com/teacher/jasper/kids-a/idioms-for-kids/

This website has lots of PowerPoint Presentations with lots of idioms and what each of them mean: http://www.vrml.k12.la.us/cc/idioms/idiomsclassppt.htm

Over the weekend I would like you to attempt the following tasks:

– Find out what Personification, Onomatopoeia and Hyperbole’s are and some examples

– Create your own idioms Powerpoint using the literal picture and including the figurative meaning

Good Luck!!!


5 thoughts on “Put a Sock in It!!!

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    Since actions speak louder than words I’ll be adding some information to my blog about this soon. I hope you come and have a look.

  2. Hi Miss Hunichen,

    Personification is when you give animals or objects human qualities. For example, the moon was hiding behind the clouds, or the clouds were crying. The car was calling me to go for a drive is another one.
    Onomatopeia is a word that sounds like the word it is describing. For example, burp, baa, achoo! My favourite one is rev.
    Hyperbole is when you use words to exaggerate a point. For example; the wifi was as slow as a snail; if i don’t get an ipad i’ll die. Or, the computer crashed like a car. His brain is the size of a pea.

  3. Hi Miss Hunichen!
    I didn’t know that idioms were actually called idioms! It surprised me a lot, but what surprised me more was all the other words you wrote on the board. I found out what they mean and I made a slideshow powerpoint but I will show you them on Monday.
    From Ruby 🙂

  4. Hi Miss Hunichen,

    At the moment i’m making an “Idiom” PowerPoint for my blog, and I was wondering where the Idiom PowerPoint we saw on Friday was? You were right, we probably have known what Idioms are our whole life.

    Thanks Kim

    • Hey Kim
      The Poweerpoint that we used on Friday is actually included in the post. Look carefully and should be able to find it. If not I’m more than happy to show or help you tomorrow.
      Miss Hunichen

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