Your Lessons for Wednesday August 6

Hi Guys,

Unfortunately I won’t be in today as I’m not well 🙁 I wish I could be there as I had lots of cool things planned for you to do.

Instead you are going to have to be responsible for your own learning today. That means being organised and being able to manage your time effectively. In order to do that I have put together the following document that will hopefully keep you on track. Don’t forget to be aware of the time so that you don’t end up spending the whole day doing the one thing.

Reading 9am – 10am

* Begin with Independent Reading for 20-25 mins. Don’t forget to record your reading in your Reader’s Notebook.

* Spend time working on the Idioms sheet that you will need to collect. It’s very similar to yesterdays sheet. Read the story and highlight the idioms. Jot down what you think they mean before moving onto the multiple choice questions on the other side.

Writing 10am-11am

* Work on an Idioms post for your blog. Don’t forget that you need to include some information on what idioms are. Check out Bec’s blog to help you

* Your Idioms post needs to contain a PowerPoint presentation that you make yourself. Have a look at Daniel’s and Josh’s for some ideas: and

* If you have already done this I would like you to check out the following website:

This website contains a number of games that will help you to learn idioms. I would like to find 2 games that you can write a review for. Think about the following: a brief description of the game, difficulty level, age level, what you thought (positives and negatives)

Remember: I can check your blog from home!!!!

Maths 11:30-12:30

* 1st 20 mins is to be spent working on Maths Mentals. Get to the end of Wednesday, making sure you finish any of Monday and Tuesday that you left.

* Mrs Cruikshank will help you all out with your Fraction Walls.

Inquiry 12:30-1:30

* Continue to work on Leg 2 of the race. Try and set an achievable goal for the session. I would hope that by the end of the session all of you have been to Hamley’s and made your purchase! We’ll talk about the criteria for the postcard when I get back to school.

Sport 2:20-3:20


Hope you guys have a fantastic day and that you have all achieved lots!

Miss Hunichen