Tricky Triplets

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been looking at fractions, decimals and percentages in class lately- as you all know. Some people are still having trouble with recognizing equivalent fractions and understanding how to simplify fractions. That’s totally fine- it’s a pretty tricky thing to do! These areas of maths make your brain work really hard, since you have to remember things about fractions and things about times tables and division and lowest common denominators… phew!

So, here’s some practise that we can do. Make sure you also check out the games that appear on the left hand side when you open the first site. The number line puzzle picture is particularly important.



If you need help remembering the rules for equivalent fractions, try this website for help:

equivalent fractions


If you want a visual reminder of how we work out equivalent fractions, the fraction wall we looked at is here:

fraction wall


After you have played a few times, leave me a 10/10 comment about what you thought of these resources. Make sure you give reasons that explain your opinions. 

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