Fabulous Footy Frenzy

Today was Footy Day at New Gisborne Primary School. We even got to have a sausage sizzle for lunch. Our grade was lucky enough to spend time working with our favourite Grade 1 class, Mrs Hollands Grade 1A. We designed a new footy jersey and came up with a team name. We all had so much fun!!!!

Which footy team do you barrack for and why?

Did you enjoy this activity? Why/Why not?

Dicey Decimals

This week at school we have been working on consolidating our knowledge of decimals. We looked at number lines to help us truly understand how decimals work.

Today we were asked to search the net in order to look for decimal number lines games that we can play on our netbooks. In my search I came across the following sites:

http://www.brainpop.com/games/battleshipnumberline/ – In this game you are required to locate the decimal numbers given in the number line in order to wipe out the battleships.


http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/mathgames/decimals/mathman_decimal_numberline.htm – This is a pacman style game where you are required to eat the correct ghosts as they appear on the number line (This site does appear to be blocked at school – Try exploring this at home)

http://www.onlinemathlearning.com/decimal-games.html – This website has a number of different decimal games to do with ordering of numbers.

online maths

http://mathsframe.co.uk/ge/resources/resource/37/placing_numbers_on_a_number_line – This game gives you a decimal number and a number line and you have to place the flag in the correct place.

number line

http://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/265/Estimate_Number_Line – This game gives you a blank number line with only the start and end value and you have to estimate what number the arrow is pointing at.

estimate decimals

http://www.softschools.com/math/decimals/decimal_number_line/ – If you are struggling to identify tenths then this site will be helpful.


I’m pretty sure that you will have found plenty of other great decimal ordering games. I look forward to seeing them appear on your blogs in the next few days.

Yes… You ALWAYS have homework

Today we spoke about the importance of being responsible when it comes to completing homework. If you do a little each night and try your best to work hard during class time then you shouldn’t need to be spending hours and hours on homework.

I’m very impressed with lots of your blogs and can see that a lot of you are putting in extra time at home, well done!

Today I updated the ‘What… We have homework…’ page so you need to jump on over and have a look. Below I have included the information on the current blog posts. Make sure you read carefully and that if you are unsure about any of the posts that you come and ask or leave a comment on this post so I can help you out.

AT THE MOMENT… UPDATED 1st September 2014

1. Writing

Continue to work on the following blog posts:

  • Mr Morris Lessmore and the Fantastic Flying books (You completed the writing task in class, all you need to do is type it up)
  • Fractions (This should be about the poster you completed with Mrs Cruikshank)
  • Two Choices – Shay plays Baseball (Again you completed the writing in class, you just need to type it up)
  • Book Week Dress Up Day (Include who you dressed up as and why, the book you were from and a picture of the cover, a picture of you dressed up and any other interesting information)
  • Pat Farmer (The criteria for this has been posted on the class blog)
  • Landmarks (This should include your Paris Landmarks document or photos, your PowerPoint on the landmark of your choice and your Macedon Ranges Brochure)

These posts need to be completed by the END of TERM 3!!!

Good Luck!

Guest Speaker – Pat Farmer

Hey Guys,

As most of you would know, yesterday we were lucky enough to listen to Pat Farmer. Pat Farmer is a multiple world record holder for endurance running.

Rather than me writing a big long blog post about him and his messages…. you’ve got it…. It’s going to be your job.

In your post I’d like you to include the following points:

* A brief paragraph about Pat – his personal details (age, date of birth, no. of children, place of birth)

* Information about Pat’s three main runs – Pole to Pole, Vietnam Run and Middle East Peace Run. When thinking about each run include the following details: where he ran, when the run took place, why he completed the run, how long the run took, as well as TWO interesting facts about each run

* What Pat’s main messages were and what they meant to you. How do they link to the You Can Do It keys?


* How you will set your post up – subheadings may be useful

* What media you will include – pictures, links, slideshow, tagxedo

Good Luck, I’m sure you will do a great job.