Dicey Decimals

This week at school we have been working on consolidating our knowledge of decimals. We looked at number lines to help us truly understand how decimals work.

Today we were asked to search the net in order to look for decimal number lines games that we can play on our netbooks. In my search I came across the following sites:

http://www.brainpop.com/games/battleshipnumberline/ – In this game you are required to locate the decimal numbers given in the number line in order to wipe out the battleships.


http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/mathgames/decimals/mathman_decimal_numberline.htm – This is a pacman style game where you are required to eat the correct ghosts as they appear on the number line (This site does appear to be blocked at school – Try exploring this at home)

http://www.onlinemathlearning.com/decimal-games.html – This website has a number of different decimal games to do with ordering of numbers.

online maths

http://mathsframe.co.uk/ge/resources/resource/37/placing_numbers_on_a_number_line – This game gives you a decimal number and a number line and you have to place the flag in the correct place.

number line

http://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/265/Estimate_Number_Line – This game gives you a blank number line with only the start and end value and you have to estimate what number the arrow is pointing at.

estimate decimals

http://www.softschools.com/math/decimals/decimal_number_line/ – If you are struggling to identify tenths then this site will be helpful.


I’m pretty sure that you will have found plenty of other great decimal ordering games. I look forward to seeing them appear on your blogs in the next few days.

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