Is saying ‘thank you’ enough??

Today at school we began talking about copyright and plagiarism. Why are we talking about these important words? Well unfortunately when we use images/work/ideas off the internet we are in fact STEALING!!! We know it’s wrong to walk into people’s houses and take things yet we seem to forget that taking images off the net is virtually the same thing.

We watched the following video in class today to help us start thinking about what all of this means for us. Over the weekend I would like you to watch the video again (with your parents if possible). While you are watching jot down what you learnt (at least 10 facts) and any questions that you are left with (at least 5) in regards to all things copyright. We will be continuing this discussion on Monday.

‘I am’ Poems

This week in class students will be asked to compose poems following the “I am” poem format revealing in one line who they truly are. This line is then repeated throughout the poem as they speak of their wishes, dreams, hopes and fears. They may also to create a visual collage illustrating what makes up who they are as background for their poem.

Today we spoke about the criteria for the poem. See the following image for a reminder of this criteria.

i am


For homework I would like you to read through some examples of ‘I am’ poems by visiting the 2 links below. The first link contains poems written by my last years Grade 5/6 students and the second link has a number of poems written by Year Nine students.

I am Poems 2013 and I am Grace 

Try to come up with your own original and creative ideas.

New Buddies

Last week all Grade 5 children visited Swinburne Avenue Kinder. This visit is part of our transition program. The Grade 5’s were very excited to meet some of their could be buddies for next year.

Have a look at individual student blogs to see their recounts and poems about the day.

Are you looking forward to being a Grade 6 buddy? Why/Why not?

If you have been a buddy before so you have any helpful advice for our new buddies?

Tricky Tangrams

Last week in maths  you were given a tricky puzzle called The Egg of Columbus. I told you that the Egg of Columbus was a tangram puzzle and I was met with a sea of confused faces. Therefore your job is to research the following:

* What is a tangram?

* Where did they originate from? Give some brief history.

* An explanation of The Egg of Columbus puzzle

* What is the maths involved in this?

* A Reflection on how you went with the puzzle. Did you find all solutions without any clues?

I would also like you to research some online links for tangram games. I have already managed to find a couple of good ones, I wonder if you’ll find the same ones.

Lastly, you must also include some images with your post…. What do you think they should be of? Think carefully.