‘I am’ Poems

This week in class students will be asked to compose poems following the “I am” poem format revealing in one line who they truly are. This line is then repeated throughout the poem as they speak of their wishes, dreams, hopes and fears. They may also to create a visual collage illustrating what makes up who they are as background for their poem.

Today we spoke about the criteria for the poem. See the following image for a reminder of this criteria.

i am


For homework I would like you to read through some examples of ‘I am’ poems by visiting the 2 links below. The first link contains poems written by my last years Grade 5/6 students and the second link has a number of poems written by Year Nine students.

I am Poems 2013 and I am Grace


Try to come up with your own original and creative ideas.

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  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    Wow! I really liked the video that you put in your comment to me about orienteering! It must have been really hard to come by. I would love to go there, and orientate in the pine forests with wild life everywhere. It would be awesome as long as it isn’t as hot as it was on OUR orienteering day.
    Bye, from Ruby 🙂

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