What makes me special?

On our first day of school we talked about some of the things that made us special. We read a book called ‘The Things I Love About Me’ and watched a Sesame Street video called ‘I’m Special with Bert and Ernie.’ (Click on the Bert and Ernie picture to re-watch the video.


Here are some of the reasons why the children in Grade Prep D are special:

Joe – Because I have red hair

Connor – Because I am good at dancing

Lyla – Because I have big brown eyes

Myah – Because I’m good at colouring in

Liam – Because I’m good at basketball

Chelsea – Because I love my mum

Perrie – Because I like singing and dancing

Abbi – Because I have a cheeky smile

Mason – Because I am very caring

John – Because I love football

Max – Because I am nice to my friends

Leon – Because I can sit nicely

Kyle – Because I am a good bike rider

Eloise – Because I am happy and smiley

Lily – Because I have a scooter at home

Ava – Because I have lovely blonde hair

Kaida – Because I am good at dancing

Matilda – Because I have special birthmarks

Archer – Because I am good at drawing

Isaac – Because I am good at cricket training

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