Buddies Activity Number 2

On Thursday we were lucky enough to spend another lesson working with our Grade 6 Buddies. There is always such excitement in the room when the children know that their buddies are on there way. They have been invaluable in helping the children settle into their first few weeks at school, having snack and lunch with us each day and helping us to change our readers.

From next week our buddies will meet us in the playground and we will be responsible for changing our own readers.

Back to Thursday morning though… In this session our buddies brought their netbooks over and we worked together to create a cover for our Reading Goals books that will be coming home in our reader bags very soon. We enjoyed using Microsoft Word to create our headings and looking through Google images for pictures of our favourite books.

Have a look at us working hard in the slideshow by clicking the picture below.


What are some of your favourite books?

4 thoughts on “Buddies Activity Number 2

  1. Hey Miss Hunichen,

    I loved working with Lily, Myah and Bec on this activity. It was so much fun! One of my favorite all time picture story books would have to be The Tale of Bronty Brontosaurus. That’s why I read it to the preps.


    • Hi Miss Hunichen,

      I liked working with Kim on this activity and I like the Bronty Brontosaurus book now too.

      From Lily

    • Hi Connor
      It’s great to see you commenting on the blog. It’s a shame you missed seeing your buddy today, although you were lucky enough to work with your big brother! I like to read lots of different books but I especially like picture story books and I just love them when they rhyme. I particularly liked the unicorn story we read in library today. Maybe you could bring your favourite book in to show me?
      Miss Hunichen

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