Independent Reading

On Thursday we learnt all about reading. We started off by watching a short video of Bert and Ernie. You can show it to mum and dad by clicking on the picture below. Bert is trying to show Ernie how much fun reading can be.


After we watched the video we talked about some of the reasons why we might read. Here are some of the things we came up with:

– It’s important

– To learn

– To share a story

– So we can read when we are older

– To practise concentrating

– To help us get smart

– For enjoyment and fun

Next we talked about some of the different ways we might read because as we know some of us are still learning how to read. Some of us might be able to tell a story through looking at the pictures, some of us might be able to recognise some of the letters and some of us might be able to read some or all of the words.

3 ways we read

Click on the picture below to watch Zoe, Telly Monster and Prairie Dawn sing about the different ways that they read.

Thats the way i read

So that we knew the correct behaviours for Independent Reading Mrs McConville and I pretended we were students reading. One of us was very good at Independent Reading and one of us was VERY VERY naughty!!!!!

Finally we got to practise Independent Reading for ourselves. We managed to read quietly for 2 and a half minutes. If we practise every day soon we will be able to read quietly for 10 whole minutes!!! Have a look at us reading in the slideshow below.

Independent Reading SS

Can you leave a comment telling me some of the things I should and shouldn’t do during Independent Reading??

3 thoughts on “Independent Reading

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,

    Love the video. I think that all of the preppies reading techniques are amazing. One of the things you shouldn’t do during independent reading is talk to someone else, or get up because then you might interrupt someone else who is reading. You should also have a book that you can read through all of independent reading time.
    Have fun

    • Oh Kim!!!
      It’s so nice to hear from you… I’m so glad that you still manage to find the time to check out your old blog. The preps are really enjoying all of the Sesame Street videos, there are so many that I can use to teach them different things!! Maybe on Monday you can ask your buddy all about our funny role play, Mrs McConville was very very naughty during Independent Reading time!!
      Do the Grade 6’s have their blogs back up and running? I would like to be able to link all of the buddies blogs to mine.
      Hope you are having a great weekend. Your Valentine’s Day heart in the gym looked fantastic yesterday afternoon. Well Done on such a great job.
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Hey Miss Hunichen,

    What has Mrs McConville done during independent reading time that’s naughty. And no unfortunately, our blogs are not up and running yet but I’m hoping we will start them this week. WOW how fun, role playing. Do you do it to Miss Hunichen? Thanks about the love heart but i’m not one of them who put it up, I was just collecting sticky notes for the love heart. It was actually Eliza, Hayley, Tyra and Francis who did it.

    See you tomorrow

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