The Lolly Jar game

On Monday in Maths we learnt a new game that helps us to practise our counting skills. It also helped us to work on our teamwork and getting along skills.

The game was called Lolly Jar and it is one of Michael Ymer’s warm up games.

In this game the children take turns to roll a dice, before representing the number on the dice as ‘lollies’ in their jar (or tens frame) and adding on the next number and so on. The partner that fills up their jar to 10 first is the winner of that round.

We played the best of five games and were very good sports about winning some and losing some. The children shared their experiences with the group afterwards and the consensus was that we had heaps of fun and want to play again!

Have a look at our slideshow below by clicking on the photo below.


What are your favourite lollies?

Can you explain to mum or dad how to play The Lolly Jar Game?