We love our buddies!

We really enjoy spending time with our buddies. This week they have been meeting us out in the playground rather than having snack and lunch with us, meaning that some of us have missed seeing our buddies lately. We were overjoyed to spend some time with them this afternoon where we completed an activity about some of the things we liked.

Have a look at us working with our buddies in the first slideshow and then of our finished pieces in the second slideshow. Just click on the pictures below.



What do you like doing with your buddy?

What are some of your other favourite things?

2 thoughts on “We love our buddies!

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen it has been so much fun working with my buddy so far this year. She gets crazy but that’s what I love about her. I love playing with her in the play group and helping her around!!
    Love From
    Eliza 6B

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