Who Sank the Boat

On Friday we spent a lot of time working with the well known Pamela Allen story, ‘Who Sank the Boat?’


who sank boat

In Reading we read the story through first before talking about what happened at the start of the story, in the middle of the story and at the end of the story. We worked really hard to draw a story map and I think we can safely say that we all enjoyed drawing the splash picture where the animals all got wet the best.

In Maths we spoke about floating and sinking. We used plastic plates with the words ‘float’ and ‘sink’ on them in order to classify our items. Then we tested items in the room and guessed whether they might float or sink. After testing each item we placed it on the correct plate as a group.

After our mini lesson on floating and sinking we went back to work at our tables to try and make a boat from plasticine that would float.

It was a lot of fun making a big mess of the water in our classroom and using our PERSISTENCE to try and make a boat that would float.

Have a look at our slideshow by clicking on the photo below.


You could try this activity at home. What household items can you find that will float and which ones will sink.

What did you enjoy the most out of the Who Sank the Boat activities?

Making Letters

Over the last week Prep D have been working really hard to learn some of their letter names and sounds as well as working on how to form these letters correctly.

On Friday we used playdough to help us become more familiar with what each of the letters looked like. We were concentrating our attention on: Ss, Aa, Tt, Ii, Pp, Nn, Cc, Kk, Ee and Hh. Funnily enough we all started with the upper case form of each letter and found the lower case form of each letter a little more difficult.

Click on the picture below to view a slideshow of our work.



Did you enjoy using the playdough to make letters?

Which letter did you find the easiest and which letter was the hardest?