Western Water – The Water Cycle

Today we were lucky enough to have a special visitor come and speak to us. Her name was Jacqui and she was from Western Water. She bought a friend with her too, lots of us remembered Sammy Snake from kinder. Before Jacqui visited us we spoke about some of the reasons why we need water. We came up with lots of great ideas and discovered that we need water for just about everything we do. Have a look at our slideshow below to see what we came up with.


Then Jackie came in to conduct the School Starter Program. This program encourages Prep students to make water conservation a lifelong habit and educates them about drinking water for health.

As part of the presentation, Jackie introduced students to the water cycle and talked about ways we can save water every day.

Jackie read the water cycle story to us and then asked students to take on a role to act out in the story. Each student had a role to play, that included a costume or prop. We were well behaved and found the program very interesting.

Our slideshow below will introduce each of us and our parts and then check back later to see the video of our performance.


What did you learn today?

What did you like best about the Western Water visit?

Can you think of any useful ways to save water?

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