Maths Activities

On Monday in maths we worked with a partner to roll and collect linking cubes. This was helping us to work on our one to one correspondence. We rolled a dice and then collected that many linking cubes and made these into a tower. Once we both had a tower we placed them side by side and used comparative language and our explanation sticks to compare whether our tower was shorter than or taller than our partners.

After we finished our 5 turns, we sorted our linking cubes into groups by matching all the same colours. We then made a train, which we drew into our maths books and recorded the number of carriages there were for each colour.

We had lots of fun! Check out our learning by watching the slideshow below.



Today in Maths we learnt a new game, it was called Super Tens. We set our tables up with a game board each and a dice, grip mat and coloured matchsticks between two. The aim was to collect the ten strands of coloured hair (matchsticks) for our Super Boy/Girl. We took turns to roll a dice and collect that many strands of hair. Once someone had collected all ten strands they were the winner and we played again.

Check it out in the photos below.


Which maths game is your favourite and why?

Think about the lolly jar game, the monster match game and super tens.

Easter Bonnets

Today we made special Easter Hats using craft materials.

After we were finished making our hats all of the preps gathered in Prep C and D’s rooms to have an Easter Hat parade. It was so much fun parading our hats and seeing all the other fabulous hats!

Have a look at our slideshow where you will see us creating our bonnets.


Then have a look at our video where you will be able to watch us showing our hats off to the other prep children.

What do you do with your family to celebrate Easter?

What do you like most about Easter?

Families are Fabulous

This term our Inquiry unit has been based on our families. Throughout our show and tell each week children have had the chance to share pictures of both their immediate and extended family as well as sharing information and pictures about their pets.

We have also spoken about various family celebrations and which ones children enjoy the most.

Have a look at our slideshow below.


Late last week we talked about some of the things we loved about our families. Children drew pictures to show what they loved most about their mummies and daddies.

Have a look at our slideshow below.



What was your favourite family celebration and why?

Are there other things that you love about your family? What are they?

9 Red Skittles, 3 Yellow Skittles, 5 Green Skittles……

Today in Maths we revised GRAPHING. We did a little bit of work on graphing at the end of last week. We made little paper faces and graphed:

1. Boys and Girls in the class

2. Eye Colours

3. Hair Colours

We also looked at the number of letters in each of our names. You can see from the photos below that most people in our grade have 4 letters in their name and only 2 people have 7 letters in their name.


Today we were lucky enough to be given a patty pan of skittles. First we sorted them into their separate colours and recorded this in our maths books.

Have a look at the slideshow below to see us hard at work.



Now that we had sorted them it was time to put our skittles into nice straight lines in order to make a graph. We did a great job at recording the initial letter of each colour and writing the correct number to match the skittles we had.

You can view our work in the slideshow below.


What have you learnt about graphing?

Can you graph something at home and bring in a photo of your work?

Maths Rotations

Over the last few weeks we have been working really hard to learn our numbers. We started by working on numbers 1-5 and in the last week of so we have extended this to cover 1-10. On Thursday and Friday we ran some exciting maths rotations to help us learn these numbers.

On Thursday there were 5 different activities that we worked on, where we spent around 5 minutes working at each table.

We used the ipads to help us with our counting, we built unifix towers to match numbers on a placemat, we counted objects on a card and put a peg on the correct number, we made numbers out of playdough and we put the numbers 1-10 in oder to complete a transport puzzle.

Have a look at the slideshow below to see what we got up to!



On Friday we completed four different activities, spending around 8 minutes at each table. We counted the correct number of worms to match the birds nest, put the correct number of counters into the labelled patty pans, threaded the right number of beads onto the matching pipecleaner and matched the transport cards to the correct numbers.

Have a look at the slideshow below to see what we got up to!


What was your favourite activity from each day?

Do you know of any other games that will help us learn our numbers 1-10?

Maths Online and Sunshine Classics

We have been lucky enough at our school to have access to the wonderful world of Maths Online. This is a fantastic website where your child will be able to practise maths concepts taught at school. Each lesson contains a short video demonstration and is followed by some questions to help them practice what they have learnt.

It would be fantastic if you could explore this site with your child. They have passwords for this in the back of their reading goal books (NOTE: THESE BOOKS SHOULD STAY IN THEIR BOOK BAGS). The Prep curriculum on this site is labelled KINDERGARTEN so please have them choose lessons and activities from this section.

Today they explored this site with their buddies. They also explored Sunshine Classics with their buddy. You should have received a note about this earlier in the year. Their passwords are also in the back of their reading goal books just in case you have misplaced the note. It is really important that children read the SAME book AGAIN and AGAIN (I bet they have seen their favourite movie more than once). Sunshine Classics also provides them with the opportunity to practice letter names, sounds and letter formation.

Both of these sites are extremely worthwhile!



I will also pop links to both of these sites on the Websites for Kids Pages.

Have a look at the slideshow of the children working with their buddies today.


I would love to know what you think of each of the websites. Leave me a comment telling me what you think.

A Change of Season

This week has presented us with the perfect opportunity to talk about seasons…. Last week when we were at school it was Summer and this week at school it’s Autumn. We talked about what this means and came up with the following:

* The leaves start changing colour

* Leaves will start falling off the trees

* The weather starts to get cooler

* We still have some nice sunny days but the weather is cool in the morning and at night

* There are lots of leaves on the ground

We thought this would be a good time to collect and inspect different leaves. We took a walk through the school grounds so that we could collect 5 different leaves.

Once we had collected our leaves we came back to the classroom where we ordered our leaves from the smallest leaf to the largest leaf.

Next we blu-tacked our leaves to a piece of paper so that they would be easier to trace around. Then it was time to collect some counters so that we could measure the PERIMETER of our leaves.


We measured the perimeter by placing counters along the outside edge of each leaf. Once we had done this we needed to count the number of counters we used and record the number at the bottom. This part was a bit tricky for us! Have a look at our slideshow to see what we got up to.



Once we had completed all these tasks Miss Hunichen wanted to record each of us speaking about two things;

1. The number of counters needed for the perimeter of our biggest leaf

2. The number of counters needed for the perimeter of our smallest leaf

We are really working on using a loud voice when we are being recorded. Some of us need to practice this. Have a look at our video below.

The Potato People

This term we are exploring books written by Pamela Allen. Last week we read The Potato People, a story about a little boy called Jack and his grandma. One wet, cold, rainy day Jack and his Grandma decide to make people out of some old potatoes.


download (1)

We in Prep D decided to take this opportunity to ask each child to bring a potato to school. Before we were allowed to make people out of them though we thought we might be able to use them in maths.


We started off by talking about animals that were HEAVY and animals that were LIGHT and read a story called ‘Who is the Heaviest?’

Then we discussed HEFTING. Can you explain to mum or dad what HEFTING is? The image below might help you.



We went back to our tables to use hefting to see whether our potato was heavier or lighter than our partners potato. Have a look at our video below where you will see some of us practising our hefting.

After we hefted our potatoes it was time to try and trace around them in our maths books. Once we had done this we used small counters to measure the PERIMETER (outside edge) of our potatoes and we tried to record this number (this was the tricky part!)


Now it was time to heft again. We were asked to try and find 3 things in the room that were heavier than our potato and three things that were lighter than our potato, we drew these in our maths books and Miss Hunichen recorded some of us talking. Have a look below.

Finally it was time to decorate our potatoes and make them into people. We were sooooo excited! There were so many different materials to use, there were paperclips, pins, toothpicks, coloured matchsticks, jewels, googly eyes and lots of other bits and pieces. Have a look at our great people below!


What did you learn today?

What was your favourite part and why?


Mmmmmmm, Marvelous Munching, Making, Matching and Measuring

If you haven’t already guessed from the title of this post, the focus letter over the last two days has been the letter Mm.

On Thursday morning Miss Hunichen and Mrs McConville created a display on our sound table. It contained objects that started with Mm and books that had Mm words in the title.

Can you look at the photo below and explain to mum and dad why each item belongs on the table? 



After we had discussed these items we read, “There’s a MONSTER at the end of this book!” You can revisit this wonderful story by clicking play on the Youtube video below.

Next we created our own colourful, dotty monsters by sticking dots onto a letter Mm and a small monster. If we finished we practised our fine motor skills and persistence by threading macaroni onto coloured string. Have a look at our slideshow below.



After recess we visited the library where we read stories that had Mm words in the title while we ate marshmallows and m&m’s. Durimg borrowing time we were asked to try and borrow books that had a letter Mm somewhere in the title. We did a great job of finding so many books with an Mm on the cover somewhere.

What letter Mm books did you borrow?

Have you got any books at home that have an Mm in the title?

When we came back from library it was time for Maths. Miss Hunichen and Mrs McConville introduced us to a new game called ‘Monster Dice Match.’ Have a look at the videos below.

We even did some measuring in Maths. We used our macaroni strings that we threaded in the morning. We worked in pairs to see whose macaroni string was the longest and whose was the shorter of the two. Then the children who had the longest repaired again and again and again until we were left with one person who had the longest. The winner was ARCHER!!


In the afternoon we worked with our buddies to measure our heights with paper tape. Once we had measured ourselves and our buddies we used informal units like counters, crayons, icy pole sticks and unifix to see how tall we were. We recorded these on our paper strips before sealing our strips in an envelope. We are going to keep these until the end of the year and then redo the activity to see how much we’ve grown!


Can you remember how many icy pole sticks, crayons, unifix or counters tall you were?

By the end of the day we were all mmmmmmm’d out! But it wasn’t going to end there. The following day we read ‘There’s another MONSTER at the end of this book.’ You can have another look at the story by clicking play on the video below.

After listening to the story we cut out lower case m’s that had been photocopied onto coloured paper. We glued these onto black paper and then used craft materials to make them look like monsters. Have a look below.


What was your favourite letter Mm activity?