Mmmmmmm, Marvelous Munching, Making, Matching and Measuring

If you haven’t already guessed from the title of this post, the focus letter over the last two days has been the letter Mm.

On Thursday morning Miss Hunichen and Mrs McConville created a display on our sound table. It contained objects that started with Mm and books that had Mm words in the title.

Can you look at the photo below and explain to mum and dad why each item belongs on the table? 



After we had discussed these items we read, “There’s a MONSTER at the end of this book!” You can revisit this wonderful story by clicking play on the Youtube video below.

Next we created our own colourful, dotty monsters by sticking dots onto a letter Mm and a small monster. If we finished we practised our fine motor skills and persistence by threading macaroni onto coloured string. Have a look at our slideshow below.



After recess we visited the library where we read stories that had Mm words in the title while we ate marshmallows and m&m’s. Durimg borrowing time we were asked to try and borrow books that had a letter Mm somewhere in the title. We did a great job of finding so many books with an Mm on the cover somewhere.

What letter Mm books did you borrow?

Have you got any books at home that have an Mm in the title?

When we came back from library it was time for Maths. Miss Hunichen and Mrs McConville introduced us to a new game called ‘Monster Dice Match.’ Have a look at the videos below.

We even did some measuring in Maths. We used our macaroni strings that we threaded in the morning. We worked in pairs to see whose macaroni string was the longest and whose was the shorter of the two. Then the children who had the longest repaired again and again and again until we were left with one person who had the longest. The winner was ARCHER!!


In the afternoon we worked with our buddies to measure our heights with paper tape. Once we had measured ourselves and our buddies we used informal units like counters, crayons, icy pole sticks and unifix to see how tall we were. We recorded these on our paper strips before sealing our strips in an envelope. We are going to keep these until the end of the year and then redo the activity to see how much we’ve grown!


Can you remember how many icy pole sticks, crayons, unifix or counters tall you were?

By the end of the day we were all mmmmmmm’d out! But it wasn’t going to end there. The following day we read ‘There’s another MONSTER at the end of this book.’ You can have another look at the story by clicking play on the video below.

After listening to the story we cut out lower case m’s that had been photocopied onto coloured paper. We glued these onto black paper and then used craft materials to make them look like monsters. Have a look below.


What was your favourite letter Mm activity?

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