The Potato People

This term we are exploring books written by Pamela Allen. Last week we read The Potato People, a story about a little boy called Jack and his grandma. One wet, cold, rainy day Jack and his Grandma decide to make people out of some old potatoes.


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We in Prep D decided to take this opportunity to ask each child to bring a potato to school. Before we were allowed to make people out of them though we thought we might be able to use them in maths.


We started off by talking about animals that were HEAVY and animals that were LIGHT and read a story called ‘Who is the Heaviest?’

Then we discussed HEFTING. Can you explain to mum or dad what HEFTING is? The image below might help you.



We went back to our tables to use hefting to see whether our potato was heavier or lighter than our partners potato. Have a look at our video below where you will see some of us practising our hefting.

After we hefted our potatoes it was time to try and trace around them in our maths books. Once we had done this we used small counters to measure the PERIMETER (outside edge) of our potatoes and we tried to record this number (this was the tricky part!)


Now it was time to heft again. We were asked to try and find 3 things in the room that were heavier than our potato and three things that were lighter than our potato, we drew these in our maths books and Miss Hunichen recorded some of us talking. Have a look below.

Finally it was time to decorate our potatoes and make them into people. We were sooooo excited! There were so many different materials to use, there were paperclips, pins, toothpicks, coloured matchsticks, jewels, googly eyes and lots of other bits and pieces. Have a look at our great people below!


What did you learn today?

What was your favourite part and why?