A Change of Season

This week has presented us with the perfect opportunity to talk about seasons…. Last week when we were at school it was Summer and this week at school it’s Autumn. We talked about what this means and came up with the following:

* The leaves start changing colour

* Leaves will start falling off the trees

* The weather starts to get cooler

* We still have some nice sunny days but the weather is cool in the morning and at night

* There are lots of leaves on the ground

We thought this would be a good time to collect and inspect different leaves. We took a walk through the school grounds so that we could collect 5 different leaves.

Once we had collected our leaves we came back to the classroom where we ordered our leaves from the smallest leaf to the largest leaf.

Next we blu-tacked our leaves to a piece of paper so that they would be easier to trace around. Then it was time to collect some counters so that we could measure the PERIMETER of our leaves.


We measured the perimeter by placing counters along the outside edge of each leaf. Once we had done this we needed to count the number of counters we used and record the number at the bottom. This part was a bit tricky for us! Have a look at our slideshow to see what we got up to.



Once we had completed all these tasks Miss Hunichen wanted to record each of us speaking about two things;

1. The number of counters needed for the perimeter of our biggest leaf

2. The number of counters needed for the perimeter of our smallest leaf

We are really working on using a loud voice when we are being recorded. Some of us need to practice this. Have a look at our video below.

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