Maths Online and Sunshine Classics

We have been lucky enough at our school to have access to the wonderful world of Maths Online. This is a fantastic website where your child will be able to practise maths concepts taught at school. Each lesson contains a short video demonstration and is followed by some questions to help them practice what they have learnt.

It would be fantastic if you could explore this site with your child. They have passwords for this in the back of their reading goal books (NOTE: THESE BOOKS SHOULD STAY IN THEIR BOOK BAGS). The Prep curriculum on this site is labelled KINDERGARTEN so please have them choose lessons and activities from this section.

Today they explored this site with their buddies. They also explored Sunshine Classics with their buddy. You should have received a note about this earlier in the year. Their passwords are also in the back of their reading goal books just in case you have misplaced the note. It is really important that children read the SAME book AGAIN and AGAIN (I bet they have seen their favourite movie more than once). Sunshine Classics also provides them with the opportunity to practice letter names, sounds and letter formation.

Both of these sites are extremely worthwhile!



I will also pop links to both of these sites on the Websites for Kids Pages.

Have a look at the slideshow of the children working with their buddies today.


I would love to know what you think of each of the websites. Leave me a comment telling me what you think.

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