9 Red Skittles, 3 Yellow Skittles, 5 Green Skittles……

Today in Maths we revised GRAPHING. We did a little bit of work on graphing at the end of last week. We made little paper faces and graphed:

1. Boys and Girls in the class

2. Eye Colours

3. Hair Colours

We also looked at the number of letters in each of our names. You can see from the photos below that most people in our grade have 4 letters in their name and only 2 people have 7 letters in their name.


Today we were lucky enough to be given a patty pan of skittles. First we sorted them into their separate colours and recorded this in our maths books.

Have a look at the slideshow below to see us hard at work.



Now that we had sorted them it was time to put our skittles into nice straight lines in order to make a graph. We did a great job at recording the initial letter of each colour and writing the correct number to match the skittles we had.

You can view our work in the slideshow below.


What have you learnt about graphing?

Can you graph something at home and bring in a photo of your work?