Maths Activities

On Monday in maths we worked with a partner to roll and collect linking cubes. This was helping us to work on our one to one correspondence. We rolled a dice and then collected that many linking cubes and made these into a tower. Once we both had a tower we placed them side by side and used comparative language and our explanation sticks to compare whether our tower was shorter than or taller than our partners.

After we finished our 5 turns, we sorted our linking cubes into groups by matching all the same colours. We then made a train, which we drew into our maths books and recorded the number of carriages there were for each colour.

We had lots of fun! Check out our learning by watching the slideshow below.



Today in Maths we learnt a new game, it was called Super Tens. We set our tables up with a game board each and a dice, grip mat and coloured matchsticks between two. The aim was to collect the ten strands of coloured hair (matchsticks) for our Super Boy/Girl. We took turns to roll a dice and collect that many strands of hair. Once someone had collected all ten strands they were the winner and we played again.

Check it out in the photos below.


Which maths game is your favourite and why?

Think about the lolly jar game, the monster match game and super tens.

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