Dinosaur Footprints

On Monday in maths, we read The Foot Book which is by our term 2 author study Dr. Seuss. You can revisit this book by watching the video below.

After reading The Foot Book we took our shoes off so that we could compare them. Some were runners, some were black school shoes, some had laces, some had buckles and some had velcro.

We sat with a partner and compared shoe and foot sizes. We discovered that even though lots of us had the same size shoe as our partner we often had different sized feet. Some even discovered that while their shoe was bigger than their partners their foot was actually smaller. We talked about width of our shoes as well as length.

It appeared that while we were out at recess a huge dinosaur had entered our room and left a massive footprint behind. We then wanted to know how many of our shoes would fit into this footprint. We talked a lot about making a sensible estimate. This part was hard as it can be tricky to visualise how many of something might cover an object.

Once we had had a guess we each brought our shoes over to the footprint and placed them inside the outline. We talked about filling in the gaps as we went so there was lots of shoe reshuffling going on along the way. We managed to have ALL of our shoes fit inside the outline! That’s a total of 44 shoes!!!! Wow, what a big dinosaur footprint!!

It was then our job to take our shoes back to our tables and trace around both of them. We used round counters to measure the perimeter on one of our shoe outlines and unifix to measure the area of our other shoe outline.



Take a look at our exciting maths lesson by watching the slideshow below.


What did you enjoy about our maths lesson?

Can you think of any dinosaurs who may have left this footprint?

You could try measuring the area and perimeter of mummy or daddy’s shoes!


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