Ricky Resilience

This term our You Can Do It focus is Resilience. We have already completed two sessions and are well on the way to understanding this complicated word.

We read a story called ‘The Red Beast’ and we learnt that when we get angry or upset the cute little red beast sleeping inside us wakes up. As it wakes up we have lots of trouble hearing what other people are saying because our ears ‘shrink’ and we have lots of trouble seeing as our eyes start to screw up. Worst of all it’s mouth grows bigger and bigger and often says mean things and shouts lots.


The story goes on to talk about taming our beast by calming ourselves down through deep breathing and counting. We were able to make lots of other suggestions as to ways we could calm ourselves down.

We have also watched a video called ‘Pete the Cat – I Love My White Shoes’ where Pete showed resilience by not becoming upset when he stepped in yucky things in his good white shoes. You can view the video below.

Lastly, we have been learning the words to the Ricky Resilience song. These have been sent home for you to practise with your child as they will be performing this at assembly later in the term. We will be practising at school throughout the term too.

Can you explain what Resilience is?

What are some ways you could calm yourself down?

One thought on “Ricky Resilience

  1. I think resilience is not crying over things, like when you get dirty or something like that. You should just try and be calm. You can make yourself calm by taking deep breaths and remembering everything will be okay.

    From Connor

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