Happy Mother’s Day

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The children of Prep D have been particularly excited about Mother’s Day this week. Throughout the week each of the children have spoken about their special mum, grandma or aunty during Show and Tell time. We visited the Mother’s Day on Thursday and purchased some lovely gifts for our mummies. We worked with our buddies to make a vase of cardboard, hand-print flowers to say thanks to our mums and they also helped us to make a card as well as wrapping the gifts we had bought at the Mother’s Day stall.

You can have a look at the video below to see how we made our hand-print flowers.


On Friday we read two stories about Mums and then had a go at writing why our mums were special to us. Here are your children’s responses…..


You play soccer with me. John

You take me to gymnastics. Abbi

You give me good hugs and kisses. Myah

You give me lots of cuddles. Max

You watch movies with me. Connor

You kick the footy with me and we go to the park. Liam

You cook with me. Chelsea

You take me to swimming nearly every weekend. Joe

You give me lots of kisses. Lyla

You give me hugs and kisses. Ava

When we go out you put on your best perfume and it smells really nice. Leon

You cuddle me in bed. Eloise

You always give me lots of cuddles and because you always give me big kisses. Emily

You cook really yummy pumpkin soup. Matilda

You give me nice kisses. Isaac

What did you do with your mum on Mother’s Day?


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. We stayed home on mothers day and I woke mum up really early and gave her my presents. She loved the teddy bear and card I made her and also the poster. We did some cooking and relaxed.

    From Connor

    • Dear Connor
      I’m sure that mum was very pleased with the presents you had chosen for her. Did you make mum breakfast in bed? What is your favourite thing to cook? Do you like cooking more than dancing?
      Miss Hunichen

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