Wacky Wednesday

It all began with that shoe on the wall. A shoe on a wall…? Shouldn’t be there at all. Then I looked up and I said “oh, MAN!” and that’s how Wacky Wednesday began.

It certainly was a very Wacky Wednesday indeed. The prep classrooms at New Gisborne PS had changed somewhat, leaving us wondering what had happened there overnight! When we walked in there were no chairs and there were stools on some of the tables! The bin was in the middle of the room and the caddies had been turned upside down. Miss Hunichen had even written the date upside down!! What a wacky wacky morning.

Everyone was dressed in very crazy outfits…. Some of us mustn’t have been able to find the pairs for our shoes and socks this morning! And don’t even ask about our hair!

Miss Hunichen started the day by saying…… up hurry, up hurry, down sit, down sit…. And then she said…. morning good d prep…. What on earth had happened to her!!! She called the roll starting from the bottom and she read our last names first!! It was going to be a very silly day!

After having our photos taken we spent the morning in the other prep grades participating in fun rotations, learning wacky songs and dances and reading the Wacky Wednesday story. We had such a silly time!

Have a look at our wacky selves in the slideshow below.


What was your favourite part of Wacky Wednesday?

Can you remember all the wacky things about Miss Hunichen?

6 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday

  1. Hi Miss Hunichen,

    I liked seeing everyones clothes the best. Some people were really funny. I also liked playing musical statues in Mrs McConville’s class. Some wacky things about Miss Hunichen were that her scarf was on the wrong way and she was wearing bathers over her clothes! She also had two different eyes and talked with her words all jumbled. The classroom was wacky because there was no seats for us and other stuff was mixed up.

    It was a fun day.


    • Wow Connor, it’s so great to see you commenting on the blog while you are at home sick. I do hope that you are feeling better soon. Wacky Wednesday was a really fun day. I really liked seeing everyone’s crazy costumes and wacky hair.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      Miss Hunichen

  2. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    When are we going to be doing another buddy session with the preps? I am really missing having you as a teacher.
    All the preps looked amazing on Wacky Wednesday, and on Crazy Socks day! I wish grade sixes had that too!
    We are going on school camp soon, to Sovereign Hill. I can’t wait and it is going to be really exciting.
    🙂 From Ruby L 🙂
    (Ava & Lyla’s buddie)

    • Hello hunni,
      It’s so nice to receive a blog comment from you! I hope you are working hard over there in Grade 6. I do miss having you guys from last year although my grade this year are very cute and say lots of funny things. They are especially cute on their dress up days as I’m guessing you already know. How is your own blog going this year? Do you still use them? You will have a great time at Sovereign Hill, I really liked it when I went a few years ago. I can’t remember the name of the school that I was part of when I was there though. Which one are you going to be part of? Have you had to write your letter to the teacher yet?
      I look forward to hearing about camp when you get back 🙂
      Miss Hunichen

      • Hey Miss Hunichen,
        Sovereign Hill camp is next Wednesday! Our letters to Sir or Ma’am were posted on Monday night and we had to write them in joint writing and on the side. We have gotten a map of Sovereign Hill and it looks soooooo big! My class is part of the Red Hill National School. We also get lots of free time to explore it and buy old – fashioned lollies from the lolly shop! I can’t wait!

        We don’t really use our blogs this year. I think I have only posted 1 post this whole year!

        Ruby 🙂

  3. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    I really liked the blog post and the video. I enjoyed seeing all those wacky kids. Tell them they were fantastic at wacky Wednesday.
    From Tamiah

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