Education Week

On Thursday afternoon last week we celebrated Education Week by opening our classrooms to our parents. The afternoon was a chance for us to teach our parents some of the wonderful maths games we have been learning. If we didn’t have a parent visit us we played the same games with a partner. There were lots of different games to choose from. You can have a look at our slideshow below.


Which game was your favourite and why?

Today we continued an Education week activity by buddying up with the grade 4’s to explore coding.

The grade 4’s brought their iPad’s and helped us to code an Angry Birds or Frozen game. The grade 4’s were extremely helpful and the activity was very engaging. We had fun telling our characters what to do using codes and found coding our first ever game lots of fun!

You can find the website here and by clicking on the photo below.



You can also have a look at the slideshow below to see us working.


What did you enjoy most about working with the Grade 4’s?