Our very first excursion!

On Thursday last week we visited the Lego Education Centre at Docklands. All children were extremely excited as it was our very first excursion and we had been counting down the sleeps for what felt like forever.

You can view the bus trip to our arrival at the Lego Centre in the slideshow below.


During our first activity we were learning about animals and the different kinds of habitats that they live in. We had to construct their habitats using Lego. We also had the chance to use life-size Lego blocks to create a creature or animals with.

You can view our first activity and recess in the slideshow below.


For our second activity we had to make a house that was strong enough to stop the big bad wolf from getting one of the little pigs. We were learning about overlapping and the techniques needed to make a strong house. We worked as a team to build a house. All of our teams were able to stop the big bad wolf from getting in!

Our final activity explored the way gears, levers and pulleys are used to make moving toys. We got to create 3 toys – a jack in the box, a spinning top and a spinning wheel. We worked very well with our partner to create our toys, so well in fact that we had spare time at the end to create our very own toy using a range of Lego materials.

You can view our last 2 activities in the slideshow below.


We had a really fun day and learnt lots about constructing toys. A huge thank you to the wonderful parent helpers that accompanied us on the day.

What was your favourite part of the Lego excursion?

Do you have Lego at home? Tell me about it.

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