Toying with Technology

Over the term the Grade Preps have been learning all about toys. We have learnt that toys can move in many different ways. Lots of toys move because we either push or pull them while others have some sort of mechanism that makes them move. We have experimented with split pins, levers and toys that fly.

Last week we started talking about designing our very own toy!! There were two important criteria:

1. It MUST MUST MUST have a moving part somewhere

2. It must come from the list below:

  • A castle for a princess
  • A robot
  • A toy with wheels
  • A house for the 3 little pigs
  • A toy for a baby

Most of us have chosen from the 1st three on the list. We drew up our design and labelled it with the materials that we think we will need. We shared our design with a friend making sure that we knew exactly what our moving part would be.

Today we followed up on this and spoke again about how we could ensure that our toy had a moving part. We looked at the following videos for ideas.

You may also like to have a look at the Mister Maker website for some ideas too:



Don’t forget to start collecting the materials you might need. Make sure you have thought about how your moving part will work! I’m looking forward to seeing all these new toys!

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