House Colours

As well as making toys on Thursday we also had our very first House Colours Song Competition. The grade 6 children worked extremely hard to come up with a song for each house. They took popular songs and worked in small groups to write new lyrics that had a sporty sort of feel to them.

Galloway’s song was to the tune ‘We are Family’

Lee’s song to the tune of ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars

Hurst’s song was to the song ‘Hall of Fame’

Devlin’s song was We Will Rock You

Take a look at the slideshow below for some photos.


As well as sing their house colours song the preps also learnt words and actions to Michael Jackson’s song ‘Heal the World. They did an amazing job to remember so many lyrics. Well Done to Miss Wencel for making this happen.

I will try and add the house song videos in the next few days

What was your favourite part of the afternoon?

One thought on “House Colours

  1. Hi Miss Hunichien,

    My favourite part was singing the song. I didn’t like losing though and neither did Logan because he is the house captain!! It was fun.

    From Connor

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