Happy 100 School Days

Yesterday we celebrated our 100th day at school. It was such a fun and exciting day with so many different activities to complete! We even came to school dressed up like we were 100 years old.

We made special books, crowns, counted out 100 gum balls, learnt a song and did all sorts of fitness relating to the number 100.

We are now 100 days smarter! Here are our celebration photos:

The first slideshow has a photo of us standing normally and then a photo us doing a nanna or pa pose!



We visited Mrs Morcombe and made a book about all things 100.


In maths we were asked to have 100 items of some sort. We had all sorts of things from 100 grains of rice, to 100 pieces of pasta, 100 googly eyes, 100 beads, 100 pieces of nutri grain, 100 M&Ms, 100 sultanas, 100 cotton buds and even 100 tazos. We sorted our items into groups of ten and then practised counting by 10s.


Miss Hunichen even made us all a special cake to top off our celebrations. It was delicious. We ended the day by popping 100 balloons!! It was so much fun.



What was your favourite part of the day and why?

Day number 98….

It’s getting closer and closer….. The day we have all been waiting for….. 100 Days of School!!!

We have so many fun activities planned for you for Wednesday!!!

Don’t forget that you need to bring 100 of something (small items) and dress like a 100 year old!!

Have a look at the stories below for some ideas.

Other stories about the number 100

Helpful Maths Videos

Many of us are still confusing the ‘teen’ numbers (11, 12, 13, 14, etc) and the numbers that end in ‘ty’ (20, 30, 40 etc). Today we watched some videos that will hopefully help us to remember how these numbers work. Check them out below!

Numbers in the Teens, they start with a one!

Numbers in the Teens, have a group of ten

We’re counting by 10’s

Counting by 10’s

Numbers in the tewnties start with a two