Beauty and the Beast

We have been extremely busy in Prep D and lots of our work and happenings from the classroom now gets posted straight to our very own Seesaw Accounts. If you are not familiar with Seesaw, check it out here!

On the 5th of August we were lucky enough to be visited by Alpha Shows who presented their performance of Beauty and the Beast. It was such a fantastic show.

You can view photos from the performance below as well as read some of the children’s recounts of the show.


Smoke came out of the door. Swish, swish, the smoke came to my face. Scooter weed on Gaston. The wolf and the beast battled. I felt excited. Bryce

Woosh went the smoke. I was happy when Jiggens and Gaston shook their butts. They were funny. Archer

We went to the gym. I felt bored at the start because I had nothing to do. Then the battle began. The funny bit was Jiggens shaking his butt. Then the beast died. Max

Movie, movie here I come. Everyone was screaming because of the smoke. Scooter weed on Gaston. Belle was singing. I was scared of the wolf. Belle ran away from the prince. The prince was sad. I nearly cried too. Myah

Movie, movie here I come. Come on everybody. The smoke came out, I was scared. Belle touched the rose and the beast jumped out. Belle was my favourite character because she has a beautiful dress. Matilda

Smoke came out of the castle door. I closed my eyes so the smoke could not get in my eyes. Crash, crash, crash, the feet of Gaston came stomping in to the village. I did not know who it was so I closed my eyes. When I finally saw who it was I opened my eyes. Smoke came out of the door again and then I saw a beast. I closed my eyes again so I didn’t get so scared. When I opened my eyes I felt better because Scooter weed on Gaston. Emily


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