Magic ‘e’ and Two Vowels together

As our reading is progressing we are now beginning to learn some of the important tricks of the English language. Over the last few weeks we have begun talking about the fact that the vowels – a, e, i, o and u can make two sounds a short sound like in fat and a long sound like in cake.

We have learnt that an ‘e’ on the end can change mat into mate, hop into hope and pin into pine. Have a look at the following videos to help you further understand this.

This week we will be looking for words that have two vowels right next to each other. Words like team, meet, soap are some examples. Have a look at the videos below to help you further understand this.

The following websites have a number of different games for helping you to learn long and short vowel sounds

Don’t forget to look for words in your readers that have a magic e or that have two vowels together.

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