Penny Persistence

Welcome back for our final term of Grade Prep. It’s not long until you will be in Grade 1! This term in You Can Do It we are learning all about Persistence.

We looked at the following two stories to help give us some ideas on what Persistence might mean…

Then we brainstormed what we thought the word Persistence meant and here is what we came up with…..

* Don’t get angry – Leon

* Be patient – Connor

* Never quit and keep trying – Joe

* Be brave – Archer

* Be tough and strong – Max

* Try your best and don’t give up – Matilda

* Be sensible – Isaac

* Solve problems – Perrie

Lastly we talked about some of the things at school that we found hard and talked about how we might get better at these things. We discovered that most things need to be practised lots and lots!

Can you think of a time where you have had to be Persistent?