About New Gisborne PS

New Gisborne Primary is pleasantly situated in the foothills of the Macedon  Ranges, New Gisborne Primary combines a strong sense of community with quality education.


In an atmosphere of mutual respect, encouragement and team spirit, students experience success through a balanced curriculum, which is both meaningful and enjoyable.


New Gisborne offers a range of excellent extra curricula activities such as: Tournement of the Minds, Energy Breakthrough, InterSchool Sports Teams, Keyboard, Premiere’s Reading Challenge, Artist in Schools Programs and many more.


New Gisborne PS boasts wonderful grounds that include a full size gym, computer lab/library and new music room as well as having most classes in permanent buildings. There are three lots of play equipment for different year levels as well as basketball courts, rebound wall, maze, oval and many courtyards.


10 thoughts on “About New Gisborne PS

  1. Dear 1B and 1C
    We looked at your blog. It looked cool. We don’t go to art. Do you have brain break? Do you have a port rack.
    From Shania

  2. Dear 1B and 1C
    We looked at your blog. What’s your favourite thing about school? My favourite thing about school is playing computers. Do you do the do-bees? What kind of art do you do? Do you have a fridge in your classroom?
    From Jayden

  3. Dear 1B and 1C
    We looked at your blog. I liked your blog. Do you have a port rack? What’s your favourite computer game? Do you have brain break?
    From Pippa

  4. Dear 1B and 1C
    We looked at your blog. It is very different to ours. Did you go to an ANZAC Day march? Some of us did. What is your favourite colour? My favourite colour is pink.
    From Karri

  5. Dear 1B and 1C
    Do you play reading eggs? We looked at your blog and I liked it. Also do you have a port rack? What is your favourite game?
    From Thomas

  6. To all the wonderful children at Banksia Beach Ps
    We really enjoyed reading about ourselves on your blog and loved reading all your letters. You have asked us some interesting questions and given us lots to think about.
    Our biggest question is ‘what is a port rack?’ we are very curious about this! We would also like to know what Do-bees are? In computers we play a game called Tux Typing, it teaches us how to type. We don’t have reading eggs at school but some of us have it and home and we like playing it.
    In our art room we do lots of different things, we made dinosaurs out of paper, we do painting and sometimes we use clay. Our art teacher is very nice.
    We have a brain break at 10am where we stop and eat a piece of fruit or some vegetables. We also have our drink bottles on the table. What do you use the fridge in your room for? Our teachers would like a little fridge for their lunch.
    We look forward to hearing from you again
    From 1B and 1C at New Gisborne PS

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