Welcome to 2016

I would like to extend a warm welcome to the parents and children of Prep D. Some of you are joining at New Gisborne Primary School for the first time and for others this may be your second or third child through our system. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with you all and am extremely excited to be working with your precious children. Please take the time to explore the pages of our blog and check back with us each week to check for new ressources. You may be interested in the Photo slideshow of our school that appears on the About NGPS page. You can view it here: http://hunichenhollands.global2.vic.edu.au/about/about-new-gisborne-ps/

The blog will be used to mainly post videos that we will using in class so that children will be able to watch them again and discuss them with parents. We will be using the Seesaw app to post photos of your child and what they are up to in class. If we take a bunch of photos and can therefore create a slideshow the slideshow will be posted on the blog. I will explain both of these in more detail when we meet during our Wednesday interviews. Please don’t hesitate to come in and see me to ask any questions. Alternatively you can reach me at the following email address:


Don’t forget to bookmark our school website http://www.newgisps.vic.edu.au/ and subscribe to our school newsletter. You can also subscribe to this blog so that you know when something new has been added.

I will be updating the news and notes page over the next few days. Check back early next week 🙂

Magnificent Mammals

Over the last week we have been learning all about mammals. We have worked out that the following things are what makes a mammal a mammal:

– They are warm blooded

– They give birth to live babies

– They feed their babies milk

– They have fur or hair

– They breathe air through their lungs

– They are vertebrates, this means they have a backbone

We looked at the following video to help us.

You might like to also look at the following videos for more information.

Do you know any interesting facts about mammals?

Marvellous Maths

Today we revised lots of different maths concepts. Here are some of the videos we watched to help us consolidate this knowledge. Lots of us still need to learn the days of the week and the months of the year.

We also looked at 2D and 3D shapes today. The following videos might be useful.

What did you learn today that you didn’t already know?

Do you have any other videos that might be helpful?

New videos….

We have been sooooooo super busy here in Prep D, learning lots of new things and getting ready to be Grade 1 students very soon.

We have been learning all about Persistence in You Can Do It and even listened to the Grade 1’s perform a fantastic song at assembly last week. Below is the video if the song, you might like to learn it!

We have been practising our counting patterns lots in maths and have found a video to help us that we all really enjoy. Check it out below.

Lastly as we are missing Performing Arts this term and there is a concert at the end of the year we have been working hard with Miss Hunichen to learn the following song. It would be helpful if you could practise a little bit at home too. The video below will help you.

Have fun learning all of these new songs!

Do you have a favourite song right now?

Penny Persistence

Welcome back for our final term of Grade Prep. It’s not long until you will be in Grade 1! This term in You Can Do It we are learning all about Persistence.

We looked at the following two stories to help give us some ideas on what Persistence might mean…

Then we brainstormed what we thought the word Persistence meant and here is what we came up with…..

* Don’t get angry – Leon

* Be patient – Connor

* Never quit and keep trying – Joe

* Be brave – Archer

* Be tough and strong – Max

* Try your best and don’t give up – Matilda

* Be sensible – Isaac

* Solve problems – Perrie

Lastly we talked about some of the things at school that we found hard and talked about how we might get better at these things. We discovered that most things need to be practised lots and lots!

Can you think of a time where you have had to be Persistent?

Magic ‘e’ and Two Vowels together

As our reading is progressing we are now beginning to learn some of the important tricks of the English language. Over the last few weeks we have begun talking about the fact that the vowels – a, e, i, o and u can make two sounds a short sound like in fat and a long sound like in cake.

We have learnt that an ‘e’ on the end can change mat into mate, hop into hope and pin into pine. Have a look at the following videos to help you further understand this.

This week we will be looking for words that have two vowels right next to each other. Words like team, meet, soap are some examples. Have a look at the videos below to help you further understand this.

The following websites have a number of different games for helping you to learn long and short vowel sounds http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/spelling-games/short-vowel-games.html


Don’t forget to look for words in your readers that have a magic e or that have two vowels together.

Beauty and the Beast

We have been extremely busy in Prep D and lots of our work and happenings from the classroom now gets posted straight to our very own Seesaw Accounts. If you are not familiar with Seesaw, check it out here!

On the 5th of August we were lucky enough to be visited by Alpha Shows who presented their performance of Beauty and the Beast. It was such a fantastic show.

You can view photos from the performance below as well as read some of the children’s recounts of the show.


Smoke came out of the door. Swish, swish, the smoke came to my face. Scooter weed on Gaston. The wolf and the beast battled. I felt excited. Bryce

Woosh went the smoke. I was happy when Jiggens and Gaston shook their butts. They were funny. Archer

We went to the gym. I felt bored at the start because I had nothing to do. Then the battle began. The funny bit was Jiggens shaking his butt. Then the beast died. Max

Movie, movie here I come. Everyone was screaming because of the smoke. Scooter weed on Gaston. Belle was singing. I was scared of the wolf. Belle ran away from the prince. The prince was sad. I nearly cried too. Myah

Movie, movie here I come. Come on everybody. The smoke came out, I was scared. Belle touched the rose and the beast jumped out. Belle was my favourite character because she has a beautiful dress. Matilda

Smoke came out of the castle door. I closed my eyes so the smoke could not get in my eyes. Crash, crash, crash, the feet of Gaston came stomping in to the village. I did not know who it was so I closed my eyes. When I finally saw who it was I opened my eyes. Smoke came out of the door again and then I saw a beast. I closed my eyes again so I didn’t get so scared. When I opened my eyes I felt better because Scooter weed on Gaston. Emily