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  1. Fantastic diary writing Jake as well as knowing your opposites. So what ios the opposite to ascend? (I know it’s a tough one). Olivia, teachers really appreciate helpful class members, they make our job easier, but you also deserve a special congratulations for your writing efforts.

  2. Good morning grade 1C. Thankyou for allowing me to work with you today. It was really enjoyable and I am so pleased with what you have been able to write. It was really interesting and I liked the way you were using interesting words like ‘awesome’.
    Because my weekend was pretty boring, I needed to make it more intereseting, so when I went to the kitchen for breakfast, …………there was an alien at the kitchen table. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough cereal, so we had to have a competition to decide who would get the last Vita Brits. We decided to have an arm wrestle and the winner would get the bowl, however the problem was the alien had 15 arms and I only have two.
    Grade 1C, I need your help. Can you finish off my imaginative diary entry so that I win and get the bowl of cereal? The alien doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Alien so we can’t talk to each other which makes it hard to communicate. Good luck ending my diary entry.
    Mr Ward

  3. Thanks Mr Ward for coming in our room. Mr Ward was teaching 1c beautifully. The work felt like Prep work. Thanks from Thomas and 1c. Mr Ward is funny.

  4. Congratulations to all the award winners today Sam for his fantastic dairy writing (were there any cows and sheep in your journal?), Holly for her excellent work habits and being a great friend, Emily H for taking responsibility and being helpful in class and Ethan B for his efforts to improve how much writing he does.

  5. Thankyou grade 1 for making me so welcome last week when I came down to have lunch with you at the park. I really wish I could have squashed all of you into my truck so you didn’t have walk back up THAT HILL. I was surprised that you arrived back at school so quickly.
    Mr W

  6. Well done on your excellent recount of your holiday Luka. Where did you go? I love making awards for teamwork, so I was delighted to read about sarah and Mikayla’s efforts at their length activities.

    Ella, did you know that before is Pre and after is Post? Well done on your maths work. I am always pleased when students show their ‘You Can Do It’ keys to success, so congratulations to Ruby for her improved reading and writing. Keep up your persistence and don’t give in.

  7. Great effort Darcy Rose on your improved concentration and improved handwriting. I’m really looking forward to Hamish’s question about dinosaurs, I hear he is a bit of an expert…….however can he stump Mr Ward?

    It’s always enjoyable and special to present an award to a student who is using their You Can Do It skills, therefore well done to james for his Persistence to improve his reading and writing.
    Well done to April who has worked so hard to improve her writing by using her ‘Have-a-go’ book.

    • Hi Jessie
      It’s so lovely to read a comment from you on the blog. I’m very glad to read that you had such a great time during term 1 and are looking forward to term 2. Term 2 is going to be such an exciting time. We are going to be learning all about Dinosaurs and Mrs Hollands and I have lots of fun things planned. I think we even get to visit the Melbourne Museum! I hope the Easter bunny found you this morning and that you go easy on all the chocolate!!!
      Miss Hunichen

    • Hi Jessie
      I m really looking forward to going to the museum too! The dinosaur bones there are huge and very interesting to look at! Do you have a favourite dinosaur that you would like to learn more about?
      Miss Hunichen

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