Reading Certificates

Grade Prep D 2015

Term 2


Congratulations to Chelsea for reaching 25 nights of reading!


Congratulations to Eloise, Kyle and Kaida for reaching 75 nights of reading!



Congratulations to Bryce, Lily, Matilda, Lyla, Archer, Joe, Emily, Isaac and Connor for reaching 100 nights of reading!


Congratulations to Perrie and Liam for reaching 50 nights of reading!


Congratulations to Isaac, Connor, Max and Emily for reaching 75 nights of reading!


Congratulations to Myah and Emily for reaching 50 nights of reading!



Congratulations to Archer, Joe, Matilda, Lyla, Bryce and John for reaching 75 nights of reading!



Congratulations to Ava, Eloise, Kaida and Kyle for reaching 50 nights of reading!


Congratulations to Mason for reaching 25 nights of reading!



Congratulations to the following children who worked really hard on their reading over the holidays and have reached 50 nights of reading – Abbi, Matilda, Joe, Archer, Max, Bryce, Lily, Leon, Isaac, Connor, Lyla and John

Term 1


First to reach 25 nights of reading were: Connor, Archer. John, Bryce, Joe, Matilda, Abbi and Lily


Not Far behind them were: Isaac, Max, Leon, Lyla and Myah


Getting in before the end of Term 1 were Kyle, Ava, Kaida and Perrie


Term 4 2012 – Week 3

Term 3 Certificates

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Term 3 2012 – Certificates

Term 2 2012 – Week 11

Term 2 2012 – Week 10

Term 2 2012 – Week 8

 Term 2 2012 – Week Five and Six

Term 2 2012 – Week Three and Four

Term 2 2012 – Week One

Term 1 2012 – Week Ten

Term 1 2012 – Week Six and Seven

Term 4 – Week Two





Term 3 – Week Eight





Term 3 – Week Four






Term 3 – Week Two




Term 2 Reading Certificates


 Congratulations for reaching 75 nights of reading! 



 27th April – Taylah, Sarah R, Thomas, Mikayla, Sarah B and Lachlan 


Congratulations for reaching 50 nights of reading! 


Over the Holidays – Ethan, Grace D, Jesse, Luka, Ella Rose, Kai, Amelia, Jake, Grace R, Cameron, Charli, Kyah, Ruby, Jack, James and Sam


7th April – Nicky, Wil, Alison, Mia, Emily, Olivia W, Olivia H, Holly, Taylah, Jamie 


31st March – Mikayla, Lachlan, Sarah B, Sarah R, Taylah and Thomas


Congratulations for reaching 25 nights of reading

31st March Charli P, Ayden and Darcy Rose

23rd March – Oliver and Grace D

18th March – Patrick, Elise, Ella, Skye, April, Kyah and Jake

17th – March Hamish and Austin

12th March – Holly, Taylah, Thomas, Olivia W and Jack

11th March – Cameron, James, Ruby, Jamie, Olivia H, Lachlan, Clay and Sam

10th March – Luka, Jesse and Grace R

9th March – Amelia and Kai

8th March – Holly, Taylah, Thomas, Olivia W, Jack, Wil, Emily, Mia, Alison

7th March – Nicky, Ethan, Sarah R, Sarah B, Mikayla and Lachlan

Who is your favourite author?

What is your favourite thing to read about?

Do you have a favourite book?

7 thoughts on “Reading Certificates

  1. Elise is nearly at 25 nights of reading – what a great effort! Elise’s favourite autor is Mem Fox and Elise’s favourite books are Go Girls. From Elise

  2. We are very proud of Taylah, she just read to Todd and myself a Grade 2 home reading book “In Front of the Whole School”- 28 pages. Way to go honey :).

  3. well done tom, your reading is wonderful, you have a wonderful school with great teachers. you will go far .

  4. To Everyone that reached 50 nights of reading last week
    Very very Fantastic work.
    I’ve never seen anyone reach 50 nights of reading so quickly before.
    From Milly

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