Jolly Phonics

The Prep team are trialling a new methodology of teaching letters to the Prep cohort of 2015. Each day a new letter will be explored in a multi sensory way incorporating interesting visuals, songs and actions alongside reading and writing in the literacy block. The program is called ‘Jolly Phonics’ and is a fun and engaging way to involve children in the world of phonics (or sounds associated with letters of the alphabet). Along the way they will meet new characters, learn songs and practice gross and fine motor skills. Below you will find a PDF guide of the program if you would like more information. There are also some clips that we will be showing at school in week 2.

Please come and see us if you have any questions.

Jolly Phonics Parent Guide

The letters ‘s a t i p n’ are explored in group one. These letters form the most common two letter words to get children blending sounds straight away. This clip gives the Jolly Songs associated with each sound.

The alphabet has letter names and letter sounds. This video gives both and an example of words beginning with each sound. Clips like this help children to associate the letter they see (the grapheme) with the sound they hear (the phoneme) which is an all important building lock for beginning to blend letters together and eventually read.

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