News and Notes

Dear Parents

On this page we hope to be able to attach any notes sent home so that if they become lost in your child’s bag you will be able to access them here.

2015 First Day Letter

Specialist letter

Analphylaxis note

Prep Show and Tell Planner Term 1 2015

Show and Tell Timetable

If you’re unfamiliar with blogging and how to comment on the blog, the following slideshow may be useful. Click on the link below.

Parent Information Session on Blogging

Don’t forget to look at the Cyber Safety links also!

Here is a link to the post that contained the Information Night Slideshow and the handout on Indonesian words:

This is the link to the post that talked about the classroom reading program and the blog article that explained reading levels:


8 thoughts on “News and Notes

  1. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    It was fun when the fireman past the helmet around.
    Also I liked when he put the clothes on.
    From Jarrod.

    • Dear Jarrod,
      Thanks for your comment on the blog, make sure you keep checking it on the holidays! I m glad you enjoyed the firemans visit. We have been so lucky to have so many wonderful people coe and talk to us about their jobs. Which talk was your favourite?
      From Miss Hunichen

  2. dear miss hunichen,
    gee the holidays are comeing up
    i will miss you
    i hope you have lots of fun
    like me i am going to venus bay
    where are you going for the holidays
    from neivh.

    • Dear Neivh
      Wow what a great comment! I am looking forward to having a good rest on the holidays but I will miss all of you. I hope that everyone stays safe on the holidays and has a great time! I have lots of fun things planned for the holidays, starting with a few days in Bairnsdale to visit a friend and her kids. I hope to see my family on the holidays too and of course will catch up with Mrs Hollands. I am also going to see Mrs Plummer, do you remember her? Where abouts is Venus Bay? How long are you going there for?
      From Miss Hunichen

  3. Hi Miss Hunichen,
    on the 3/4/12 our famliy got a new car from jeep. It is a compass. Since we got it we might be getting a Ipad3.

    From Jack

    • Dear Jack
      Wow that’s such exciting news to hear. A new car is always great! What colour is your new jeep and is it a car for mum to drive or for dad to drive? I bet you are looking forward to going for lots of drives in your new car! You are lucky to be getting an Ipad too! I would really like an Ipad, maybe the Easter Bunny will bring me one! I hope the Easter Bunny leaves you some chocolate and that you have a fun day!
      From Miss Hunichen

  4. Dear Miss Hunichen
    I like that we have a notes and news page because I tend to lose my notes a lot and if I’m sick then I can check what’s happening at school. It’s also good because then my parents can check to and they can also check on the homework page to see what’s happening at school.
    From Sasha

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