Happy 100 School Days

Yesterday we celebrated our 100th day at school. It was such a fun and exciting day with so many different activities to complete! We even came to school dressed up like we were 100 years old.

We made special books, crowns, counted out 100 gum balls, learnt a song and did all sorts of fitness relating to the number 100.

We are now 100 days smarter! Here are our celebration photos:

The first slideshow has a photo of us standing normally and then a photo us doing a nanna or pa pose!



We visited Mrs Morcombe and made a book about all things 100.


In maths we were asked to have 100 items of some sort. We had all sorts of things from 100 grains of rice, to 100 pieces of pasta, 100 googly eyes, 100 beads, 100 pieces of nutri grain, 100 M&Ms, 100 sultanas, 100 cotton buds and even 100 tazos. We sorted our items into groups of ten and then practised counting by 10s.


Miss Hunichen even made us all a special cake to top off our celebrations. It was delicious. We ended the day by popping 100 balloons!! It was so much fun.



What was your favourite part of the day and why?

Day number 98….

It’s getting closer and closer….. The day we have all been waiting for….. 100 Days of School!!!

We have so many fun activities planned for you for Wednesday!!!

Don’t forget that you need to bring 100 of something (small items) and dress like a 100 year old!!

Have a look at the stories below for some ideas.

Other stories about the number 100

Helpful Maths Videos

Many of us are still confusing the ‘teen’ numbers (11, 12, 13, 14, etc) and the numbers that end in ‘ty’ (20, 30, 40 etc). Today we watched some videos that will hopefully help us to remember how these numbers work. Check them out below!

Numbers in the Teens, they start with a one!

Numbers in the Teens, have a group of ten

We’re counting by 10’s

Counting by 10’s

Numbers in the tewnties start with a two

Term 2 Reflection


Looking back over the term we have done so many different activities and learnt so many new things. Here are some of our favourite things from this term.

Eloise – The grade 4’s teaching us how to code, making kites and reading all the Dr Suess books

Lyla – Show and tell, reading all the Dr Suess books, going to the Lego centre for our excursion

Ava – being able to use textas for colouring, doing independent reading every day and reading about David going to school

Lily – Going on the Lego excursion, learning about persuasive writing, making the paper plate teddy bears

Perrie – Making the paper plate teddy bears, going on the Lego excursion, making a kite out of a paper bag

Liam – The lego excursion, colouring in with textas and making the paper bag kite

Kaida – Learning about persuasive writing, making the paper bag kite and the paper plate teddy bears

Kyle – Going on the Lego excursion, learning about visualising and making the paper bag kites

Isaac – Going on the bus for the excursion, using the ipad to do Maths and handwriting

Matilda – Learning about adding in maths, writing persuasively, going on the Lego excursion

Emily – learning about patterns and adding in maths, going on the Lego excursion, convincing the toys in the toy box to play with them

Leon – convincing the toys in the toy box to play with them, learning about shapes in maths and going on the Lego excursion

Abbi – Going on the Lego excursion, having Wacky Wednesday, and wearing crazy socks to school when we were reading Fox in Socks

Myah – Going on the Lego excursion, making the paper plate teddy bears and using play doh in maths

Bryce – using textas to colour in, practising writing our numbers on the whiteboards and using the ipads

Connor – Reading the book ‘Bedhead’, practising writing my letters on the whiteboard and colouring in with textas

Archer – Reading the book ‘Bedhead’, going on the Lego excursion, using the ipads to practise spelling 3 letter words

John – Having the grade 4’s teach us coding, writing persuasive pieces and using the ipads to practise writing my numbers

Joe – Doing persuasive writing, using Alpha Writer on the ipads and going to the grade 1’s for reading

Was there anything else that you really liked and why?

House Colours

As well as making toys on Thursday we also had our very first House Colours Song Competition. The grade 6 children worked extremely hard to come up with a song for each house. They took popular songs and worked in small groups to write new lyrics that had a sporty sort of feel to them.

Galloway’s song was to the tune ‘We are Family’

Lee’s song to the tune of ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars

Hurst’s song was to the song ‘Hall of Fame’

Devlin’s song was We Will Rock You

Take a look at the slideshow below for some photos.


As well as sing their house colours song the preps also learnt words and actions to Michael Jackson’s song ‘Heal the World. They did an amazing job to remember so many lyrics. Well Done to Miss Wencel for making this happen.

I will try and add the house song videos in the next few days

What was your favourite part of the afternoon?

Wooden Cars

On the second last day of term we decorated and made our very own wooden cars. We were so lucky to have a very special dad purchase all the timber and cut all the wheels out for us. He also cut the body of the car and axles to size and drilled holes in the wheels and the body. All we had to do was decorate them brightly in texta and put them together,

We had so much fun racing them outside and seeing them flip over as they went down stairs. We couldn’t have completed this project without the help of that one special parent, so a very huge thank you goes out to him. We loved our cars to pieces!!

Take a look at our excitement in the slideshow below.


Hopefully you have lots of fun playing with your wooden cars over the holidays.

You might even like to take some video of your car doing cool tricks!

Toy Making

Throughout the last two weeks of school we put our toy creating hats on and became the Toy Makers of Grade Prep D. In order to prepare us for this we practised some special skills first, we learnt to use staplers and sticky tape, how to make our sticky tape double sided and how to cut really tough cardboard. We also revised how to use split pins correctly and how to punch holes. Miss Hunichen spoke to us about cutting doors and windows too and how to create axles for our cars.

Take a look at the slideshow below to see how we went


We collected lots of boxes and other bots and pieces, we recruited some parent help and got to work. Have a look at us working hard in the slideshow below.


After we had finished Miss Hunichen took a photo of us with our plan and a photo of us with our newly created toy. You can take a look in the slideshow below.


In the video below you will see us talking about our plan, how our toy turned out and the moving parts that our toy has. We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you to all of the wonderful parents and grandparents that stayed and helped us make our exciting creations come to life. We really appreciate all of your assistance.

What would you change if you could do this project again?

Have you ever made any other moving toys?

Toying with Technology

Over the term the Grade Preps have been learning all about toys. We have learnt that toys can move in many different ways. Lots of toys move because we either push or pull them while others have some sort of mechanism that makes them move. We have experimented with split pins, levers and toys that fly.

Last week we started talking about designing our very own toy!! There were two important criteria:

1. It MUST MUST MUST have a moving part somewhere

2. It must come from the list below:

  • A castle for a princess
  • A robot
  • A toy with wheels
  • A house for the 3 little pigs
  • A toy for a baby

Most of us have chosen from the 1st three on the list. We drew up our design and labelled it with the materials that we think we will need. We shared our design with a friend making sure that we knew exactly what our moving part would be.

Today we followed up on this and spoke again about how we could ensure that our toy had a moving part. We looked at the following videos for ideas.

You may also like to have a look at the Mister Maker website for some ideas too: http://www.mistermaker.com



Don’t forget to start collecting the materials you might need. Make sure you have thought about how your moving part will work! I’m looking forward to seeing all these new toys!

Our very first excursion!

On Thursday last week we visited the Lego Education Centre at Docklands. All children were extremely excited as it was our very first excursion and we had been counting down the sleeps for what felt like forever.

You can view the bus trip to our arrival at the Lego Centre in the slideshow below.


During our first activity we were learning about animals and the different kinds of habitats that they live in. We had to construct their habitats using Lego. We also had the chance to use life-size Lego blocks to create a creature or animals with.

You can view our first activity and recess in the slideshow below.


For our second activity we had to make a house that was strong enough to stop the big bad wolf from getting one of the little pigs. We were learning about overlapping and the techniques needed to make a strong house. We worked as a team to build a house. All of our teams were able to stop the big bad wolf from getting in!

Our final activity explored the way gears, levers and pulleys are used to make moving toys. We got to create 3 toys – a jack in the box, a spinning top and a spinning wheel. We worked very well with our partner to create our toys, so well in fact that we had spare time at the end to create our very own toy using a range of Lego materials.

You can view our last 2 activities in the slideshow below.


We had a really fun day and learnt lots about constructing toys. A huge thank you to the wonderful parent helpers that accompanied us on the day.

What was your favourite part of the Lego excursion?

Do you have Lego at home? Tell me about it.