Education Week

On Thursday afternoon last week we celebrated Education Week by opening our classrooms to our parents. The afternoon was a chance for us to teach our parents some of the wonderful maths games we have been learning. If we didn’t have a parent visit us we played the same games with a partner. There were lots of different games to choose from. You can have a look at our slideshow below.


Which game was your favourite and why?

Today we continued an Education week activity by buddying up with the grade 4’s to explore coding.

The grade 4’s brought their iPad’s and helped us to code an Angry Birds or Frozen game. The grade 4’s were extremely helpful and the activity was very engaging. We had fun telling our characters what to do using codes and found coding our first ever game lots of fun!

You can find the website here and by clicking on the photo below.



You can also have a look at the slideshow below to see us working.


What did you enjoy most about working with the Grade 4’s?

Vivid Visualising

This term the prep children have been learning all about Visualising. It’s a very important skill that will help us to be better readers. Have a look at the poster below so you know what Visualising is all about.

We have read lots of different books and poems to help us practise our visualising skills. We even learnt a funny song. You can look at the covers of some of the books we used, read some of the poems and watch the song below.







Below is a slideshow of some of the work we have been doing on Visualising.


Make sure you are practising visualising when you are reading at home or when mummy or daddy are reading you a story.

Do you have a favourite visualising story or poem?


Wacky Wednesday

It all began with that shoe on the wall. A shoe on a wall…? Shouldn’t be there at all. Then I looked up and I said “oh, MAN!” and that’s how Wacky Wednesday began.

It certainly was a very Wacky Wednesday indeed. The prep classrooms at New Gisborne PS had changed somewhat, leaving us wondering what had happened there overnight! When we walked in there were no chairs and there were stools on some of the tables! The bin was in the middle of the room and the caddies had been turned upside down. Miss Hunichen had even written the date upside down!! What a wacky wacky morning.

Everyone was dressed in very crazy outfits…. Some of us mustn’t have been able to find the pairs for our shoes and socks this morning! And don’t even ask about our hair!

Miss Hunichen started the day by saying…… up hurry, up hurry, down sit, down sit…. And then she said…. morning good d prep…. What on earth had happened to her!!! She called the roll starting from the bottom and she read our last names first!! It was going to be a very silly day!

After having our photos taken we spent the morning in the other prep grades participating in fun rotations, learning wacky songs and dances and reading the Wacky Wednesday story. We had such a silly time!

Have a look at our wacky selves in the slideshow below.


What was your favourite part of Wacky Wednesday?

Can you remember all the wacky things about Miss Hunichen?

Happy Mother’s Day

Dozen Roses Love Note

The children of Prep D have been particularly excited about Mother’s Day this week. Throughout the week each of the children have spoken about their special mum, grandma or aunty during Show and Tell time. We visited the Mother’s Day on Thursday and purchased some lovely gifts for our mummies. We worked with our buddies to make a vase of cardboard, hand-print flowers to say thanks to our mums and they also helped us to make a card as well as wrapping the gifts we had bought at the Mother’s Day stall.

You can have a look at the video below to see how we made our hand-print flowers.


On Friday we read two stories about Mums and then had a go at writing why our mums were special to us. Here are your children’s responses…..


You play soccer with me. John

You take me to gymnastics. Abbi

You give me good hugs and kisses. Myah

You give me lots of cuddles. Max

You watch movies with me. Connor

You kick the footy with me and we go to the park. Liam

You cook with me. Chelsea

You take me to swimming nearly every weekend. Joe

You give me lots of kisses. Lyla

You give me hugs and kisses. Ava

When we go out you put on your best perfume and it smells really nice. Leon

You cuddle me in bed. Eloise

You always give me lots of cuddles and because you always give me big kisses. Emily

You cook really yummy pumpkin soup. Matilda

You give me nice kisses. Isaac

What did you do with your mum on Mother’s Day?


Silly Socks

On Thursday we read Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss. This book was first published in 1965. It features two main characters, Fox and Knox, who speak almost entirely in rhyming tongue twisters. You can view the story again in the video below.

A tongue twister often has a sequence of words that all start with the same letter or sound for example: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Almost all of the words start with ‘p’ and the sentence is quite tricky to say fast.. When the words all start with the same letter or sound this is called ALLITERATION.


To celebrate this we wore silly socks to school.

You can have a look at our silly socks in the slideshow below.


See if you can master some of the tongue twisters by visiting the website below.

Ricky Resilience

This term our You Can Do It focus is Resilience. We have already completed two sessions and are well on the way to understanding this complicated word.

We read a story called ‘The Red Beast’ and we learnt that when we get angry or upset the cute little red beast sleeping inside us wakes up. As it wakes up we have lots of trouble hearing what other people are saying because our ears ‘shrink’ and we have lots of trouble seeing as our eyes start to screw up. Worst of all it’s mouth grows bigger and bigger and often says mean things and shouts lots.


The story goes on to talk about taming our beast by calming ourselves down through deep breathing and counting. We were able to make lots of other suggestions as to ways we could calm ourselves down.

We have also watched a video called ‘Pete the Cat – I Love My White Shoes’ where Pete showed resilience by not becoming upset when he stepped in yucky things in his good white shoes. You can view the video below.

Lastly, we have been learning the words to the Ricky Resilience song. These have been sent home for you to practise with your child as they will be performing this at assembly later in the term. We will be practising at school throughout the term too.

Can you explain what Resilience is?

What are some ways you could calm yourself down?

Dinosaur Footprints

On Monday in maths, we read The Foot Book which is by our term 2 author study Dr. Seuss. You can revisit this book by watching the video below.

After reading The Foot Book we took our shoes off so that we could compare them. Some were runners, some were black school shoes, some had laces, some had buckles and some had velcro.

We sat with a partner and compared shoe and foot sizes. We discovered that even though lots of us had the same size shoe as our partner we often had different sized feet. Some even discovered that while their shoe was bigger than their partners their foot was actually smaller. We talked about width of our shoes as well as length.

It appeared that while we were out at recess a huge dinosaur had entered our room and left a massive footprint behind. We then wanted to know how many of our shoes would fit into this footprint. We talked a lot about making a sensible estimate. This part was hard as it can be tricky to visualise how many of something might cover an object.

Once we had had a guess we each brought our shoes over to the footprint and placed them inside the outline. We talked about filling in the gaps as we went so there was lots of shoe reshuffling going on along the way. We managed to have ALL of our shoes fit inside the outline! That’s a total of 44 shoes!!!! Wow, what a big dinosaur footprint!!

It was then our job to take our shoes back to our tables and trace around both of them. We used round counters to measure the perimeter on one of our shoe outlines and unifix to measure the area of our other shoe outline.



Take a look at our exciting maths lesson by watching the slideshow below.


What did you enjoy about our maths lesson?

Can you think of any dinosaurs who may have left this footprint?

You could try measuring the area and perimeter of mummy or daddy’s shoes!


10 Apples Up on Top

This week in Maths we have been revising numbers to 10. On Monday we read 10 Apples up On Top by Dr Suess and coloured our own character from the story before piling apples on their head. Your child should have brought these home to show you.

On Wednesday we played a game called 10 Apples up on top. Each pair needed a grip mat and dice, a game board and a bag of counters each. We had to try and be the first person to fill our tree with apples and pick them ff again. While we were playing we had to make sure we spoke to our partner about how many apples were on our tree and how many more apples we needed to fill our tree. We had lots of fun counting. Have a look at our slideshow below.



On Wednesday we also learnt all about the number 1. We read a story called ‘One Little Egg’ and brainstormed a list of things on our body that we had only had one of. We came up with a great list, including 1 heart, 1 mouth, 1 nose, 1 tongue, 1 neck, 1 chest and even 1 bottom. We then took a walk out in the playground and looked for things that were in groups of 1. We found lots… Have a look at our slideshow below.


On Thursday we learnt all about the number two. We read a story called ‘Two Bunny Slippers’ and brainstormed a list of things on our body that we have two of. We came up with a great list, including two eyes, two ears, two feet, two elbows, two hands and two knees. We then took a walk out in the playground and looked for things that were in groups of 2. We found lots… Have a look at our slideshow below.



Can you find things around your house that there is only one of?

What about things that are in groups of two?

Welcome Back

Wow, our first week of Term 2 is well underway. It’s been great to see all children settle back into the daily routine, including our new addition Emily. Emily has come to us from Puckapunyal and we are very excited to have a new face in the classroom.We have had a busy week so far and I think it’s going to be a rather busy term!

I hope everyone has had a relaxing holiday break and did lots of exciting things. I would love to hear about each of your holidays so if you can get mummy or daddy to post a comment telling me what you got up to that would be fantastic.


The Lion King

On Thursday the 26th of March New Gisborne PS held their very first Performing Arts concert. Miss Wencel put in an amazing amount of work in Term 1 and the concert was a huge success. Thank you so much to all those that were involved in making this night what it was…. Truly Spectacular!

Have a look at our slideshow below… It also includes video of the dance!


If that doesn’t work you can also view our video through Youtube 

Hopefully one of these works!