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  1. Dear Miss Hunichen i liked the kangaroo’s song and the mouth movingI liked the gisborne walk to the park.I liked drawing the picture of the creek and playing on the play ground.

  2. Dear Tamiah,
    I m glad you liked the Kangaroos song. I will try and do all of the other teams before the school holidays are over so I hope they make you laugh too. My favourite thing about going to the park was seeing you all busy during the treasure hunt in the Botanical Gardens. Are you looking forward to learning about dinosaurs next term? If you have any dinosaur books at home you can bring them into school as long as they have your name on them.
    I hope you are enjoying your holidays. I am visiting a friend in Bairnsdale at the moment.
    Look forward to seeing you after Easter.
    Miss Hunichen

  3. I loved mrs Hollands teaching me to lily untill i moved
    into grade 2.
    Mrs hollands is my favirite teacher.
    and the best.

    • Hi Josh,
      Well done for getting on the blog and leaving a good comment. I like how you addressed it to me and wrote who it was from. I look forward to giving you a special raffle ticket tomorrow. I am very glad you have enjoyed Grade 1 so far. There are lots of exciting things about being in Grade 1. Are you looking forward to learning all about dinosaurs? I loved teaching dinosaurs!
      See you tomorrow
      Mrs Hollands

  4. To Ms Hunichen , I am looking forward to going to the museum next Thursday, the dinosaurs are awesome. I went to the museum early this year with Mum, Dad, Molly and Edie and i loved it cant not wait. Lots of love Jessie Mc

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