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On this page you will find links to great maths games and activities. You will also be able to access other great websites. Feel free to leave a comment detailing any other website suggestions.

For an excellent range of Maths websites visit Miss John’s Grade 4 blog by clicking on the following link: – The children have usernames and passwords in order to access this site. If your child has lost theirs please see us and we will write it out again for them. – A website full of math games, fun math lessons, puzzles and brain benders, flash cards for addition, subtraction as well as multiplication and division activities. – A new and improved Smart Kiddies where you can now access many more maths activities and games from Grade prep to Grade 6. You can also gain access to many literacy activities. – A fabulous website for fun addition and subtraction games relevant to where your child is at! – This website has maths activities to cover all year levels and all topics as well as being in line with the National Curiculum. Choose your year level and then choose a topic. Your child will have 20 mins access free per day, to have full access to this site you need to suscribe. – Fun maths activities grouped under basic maths topics. – Educational games for this age group based on different maths topics. Try the time games under the ‘Measures’ heading. 

3 thoughts on “Maths Sites

  1. You have some really good posts on education.When it comes to educating my children I prefer to mix fun and study together. It helps my kids to learn more effectively as they do not get bored or frustrated studying. I always encourage my kids to play math games online.

  2. Dear Miss Hunichen,
    last night I went on mathletics for more help with place value I did pretty good and deiced to do my place value revision. I hope I get better.

    From Jack R

    • Hi Jack
      I’m glad that you had a look at the Place Value activities on Mathletics. Even though we have now done the post test, place value is something that we should continue to revise all the time as it will help us in so many different maths areas. I marked all of the post tests tonight and am so pleased with everyone’s results. Looking forward to seeing all of your smiles too hopefully.
      Miss Hunichen

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