A Visit from the Nurses

This morning the Grade One children were lucky enough to receive a visit from three nurses who have children in Grade One. There names were Clare, Sadie and Danielle.

The children learnt lots of different things, have a read below!

Nurses in operating rooms wear uniforms called scrubs – Chelsea

In the operating room they wear special shoes so they don’t bring dirt in – Jackson

Nurses use a stethoscope to listen to your heart and lungs – Deegan

Nurses wear masks in the operating room to keep germs off the patient – Jacob

Nurses use a special mask to help make the patients fall asleep before and operation. It smelt like raspberries – Milly

When you wake up from an operation you may be attached to an oxygen mask – Joshua

All nurses carry ID and swipe cards so they can enter different rooms in the hospital – Sophie

Nurses wear special caps in the operating room to keep hair out of their faces – Mikaylah

Patients that are restricted to their bed use a bedpan to go to the toilet – Henry

Nurses always carry a pen to write information down on patient charts – James

Nurses carry a thermometer to measure your temperature – Xavier

Nurses work lots of shift work, some work in the morning, the afternoon or the evening – Idiana

The nurse carried a key on her ID badge to be able to open her locker. This is where they keep their clothes when they are wearing scrubs – Cody

In the operating room they wear special safety glasses to protect their eyes from blood – Blake

Nurses who deliver and look after babies are called midwives – Eliza

There are lots of different types of nurses, emergency nurses, theatre nurses, midwives, dental nurses etc – Ruby

In the operating room they wear a special gown over their scrubs – Grace H

The gowns are laundered by the hospital in a very very hot wash to kill all the bugs – Alannah and Jessie

They use green towels in the operating room to screen off the part of the body they are operating on – Edward

At the end of an operation the nurses have to count all of the instruments, it gets counted three times – Fintan

Before scrubbing in for an operation the nurses must wash their hands for five minutes – Zac

I learnt about different uniforms nurses wear and the different tools they use – Alana

It’s important for nurses to wear comfortable shoes because their job requires lots of walking – Anneliese

Nurses uses special lifting machines when lifting patients out of bed so they don’t hurt their backs – Amelia

Some hospitals provide their nurses with food to eat before their shift starts – Billy


Can you remember anything else about being a nurse?