The Long Walk!

On Monday the 19th of March all of the Grade One children, their teachers and some wonderful parent helpers made the long trek down the hill into Gisborne to learn all about the Emergency Services. Have a read of the letters below that explain what the children liked/didn’t like and what they learnt.

Dear Readers,

Yesterday we went for a walk into Gisborne. I thought the walk was hot! I liked the SES because I liked when he showed us the scissors. I also liked the police because she showed us their handcuffs. I didn’t like walking back up the hill. I learnt that the fire truck has a sprayer at the front. What did you learn? How did you feel?

From Jarrod 

Dear Readers,

Yesterday we walked into Gisborne. I thought the walk was good. I liked walking with Miss Hunichen because we got to see the difference between goods and services. I also liked playing on the equipment. I played ‘spies’, then police with Sienna and Oliver. I didn’t like walking up the hill because it was hot and steep. On our walk I learnt that the SES have a big light and that they train at night. We also did some lying down after we walked through the shops. What part of the walk did you like?

From Neivh


What was your favourite part of the walk?

What did you learn from our walk?