Sammy Snake teaches us to be Water Savers

On Friday morning Sammy Snake and Anne came to visit the Grade Ones. They were from Western Water and they came to teach us about not wasting water. Some of the things we learnt were:

* to turn taps off and make sure they are not dripping

* to put bark on top of the soil in your garden becuase it helps absorb the water

* to put a brick in our toilet cistern as it saves three litres of water each flush

* that if your tap is dripping you should buy a washer from the hardware store, they only cost $1.50

* to use a trigger nozzle on our hoses outside

* to use a bucket and sponge to wash your car rather than the hose

* that you can take your old shower head to Western Water and they will give you a NEW water saving shower head for FREE. This will save about 30 litres per four minutes!!!!

* that when washing your clothes a liquid soap is better than a powder, make sure it has NO phosphates!

* that you can get special plugs from Western Water that fit ALL plug holes

* that roses like our soapy bath water but our vegies don’t

* that when we are brushing our teeth we should use a cup of water rather than having the tap running



Do you know of any other tips to help us save water?